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    Astroids count on kill total?

    Just started a new game with reset of all kill totals and all. When I went to check what my relatonship was with other factions, I noticed the kill numbers did not jive together. Kilrathi 10 Retros 5 Pirates 16 Militia 1 Total kills = 51??? Difference of 19? Seems like doing roids as...
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    How will the PR update will affect the WCU??

    Just wondering how the update of the Privateer remake will affect the playability of the WCU add on? Will it alter it to the point that the two are not compatible or will it be a smooth transistion where I just update the patch and the WCU and the update will run smoothly with no loss of data...
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    kaydence missions.

    Possible spoiler ..................... The kaydence missions seem to be messing up my relations with Confed. My mission to wipe out the awacs at bockade point alpha has put me at -70 in my relations with them. Any idea why carrying out their wishes nets me unfavourble relations? The...
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    Problems with afterburners and missles

    Hello. I have been having problems with purchasing any type of missles after I use them in my starter fighter. Also, my speed has dropped from its maximum to a slow 370. Max after burner has also dropped to about 970. I cant outrun anything. Any reason why I am having these problems...