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  1. Whistler

    Jesse Cox picks 60+ games.

    A popular YouTube'r by the name of Jesse Cox has been picked to select some titles for GOG to sell at a discount. While I personally have no idea whom he is, Wing Commander III and IV have made the list: At the time of this post...
  2. Whistler

    Star Citizen Caterpillar Flash Sale.

    RSI is offering another limited edition sale, this time it's the Caterpillar transport vessel. Here's the wordage from CIG: "For the next 72 hours, you can pick up your own Caterpillar spacecraft for use in Star Citizen! The Caterpillar is a limited edition ship, available only during special...
  3. Whistler


    Think this will appeal to a lot of you tech-nuts like me. Phones designed with a modular system much in the same way we like to custom out our computers.
  4. Whistler

    Let's Play Archive (Wing Commander 1+2)

    Couldn't find this in the news archives but this was a fun find on the web. A "Let's Play Archive" by one ivantod. This was started back in August 13, 2010 and ran until May 31, 2011. Though there's a bit of personal review material it more-or-less qualifies as a walkthrough complete with...
  5. Whistler

    Homage to the Concordia in 300i Commercial?

    During the director's cut of the 300i commercial, at about 1:57 during the video, you can clearly see two UEE officers standing off a rocky coast looking at a partially submerged ship. Do you see the resemblance? EDIT: BLARGGG! Noticed in another post, but still it needs a separate...
  6. Whistler

    Strike Commander on Good Old Games. Strike Commander has returned and at GoG for only $5.99!! Can you say, "Insta-buy?" :)
  7. Whistler

    Date Converter

    I seem to remember a simple little Visual Basic program I had long ago that would take any date on the calendar and convert it to TC Standard. For example, you'd plug in: January 22, 2681 and it spits out: 2681.022 Saved a lot of counting and I can't find it on the download archives. Anyone...
  8. Whistler

    From RSI's forums...Epic music.

    Mercyman over at RSI posted this great rock remix of our favorite fanfare. Here's the original thread:!&p=100976#post100976 I rather enjoy these fan promotions of the brand. Keeps the music in the head. Edit: Link...
  9. Whistler

    WCFL 2.7 (same crash)

    Sorry to bring this up since the last post was back in 06 but I have the same problem as the OP and Warzog's fix didn't work. I did follow the instructions implicitly. 1. Restored backups then uninstalled all applications...