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    The Wing Commander of Uprising
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    WC Movie Helmet on eBay

    Neat little WC movie helmet.
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    R-Named Death Again

    Richard Pryor, 65. Ray Charles, Rodney Dangerfield, etc.
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    No Remorse -- Ten Years Later

    On September 22nd, 1995, Origin Systems, Inc. released a game, published by Electronic Arts, with “non-stop action from a different perspective.” That game was Crusader: No Remorse. Crusader broke all the boundaries of what action games were up to that point. It featured fully destructible...
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    I leave tomorrow!

    Tomorrow, my family and I are going on a vacation to South Carolina. I'll be gone until the second. Elton related ---- I'M GOING ON ONE OF THE COOL ELTON PLANES! Pictures for all. See ya then!
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    Wow for WoW
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    Cyberion Systems Presents: Crusader: No Hope
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    Land of the Dead bloody trailer June 24th. Who's all going?
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    What The...? I guess they're desperate.
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    Gary Whitta Doesn't Like Wing Commander!

    It looks like Gary Whitta of PC Gamer doesn't like Wing Commander (or any old game) anymore! His June 2005 column is all about how bad old games are. (Tell me if you need a bigger pic)
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    Dekker in new commercial

    The guy that played Dekker (the name escapes me right now) is in a new commercial, it's a Twix commercial. I can't remember the character name (wow, character names in commercials!) but you'll recognize him. :)
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    Movie Jacket
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    WC Movie Finally at finally added Wing Commander to the list of movies with mistakes.
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    Got a special gift from Mark Vittek

    Mark Vittek sent me a free No Regret t-shirt! On the front it has the No Regret poster art, and on the back it has the Origin logo and tagline. I'd upload pictures if I had a decent digital camera.
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    Happy Birthday to...

    Me. I'm 16 now.
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    ANOTHER R-Named Death

    Rodney Dangerfield at 82.
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    WC Movie at Overstock

    This might've been posted before on the news, but I've seen that the Wing Commander movie is only $6 at (With $1 shipping!)
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    An F-Named Death.

    Fay Wray.
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    Another R-Named death.

    Rick James, 56.