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  1. Bob McDob

    Pirate 101

    Here's a good one: some time ago I dug this up by accident on YouTube. Wait - who's that conducting the briefing? This is, in fact, a fairly detailed look at the mechanics of space-robbing people in EVE Online. Or, at least, was - the...
  2. Bob McDob

    Is That A Longbow In Your Pocket?

    No! It's an American Republic SCR-202 Raptor Assault Fighter from Squadron Commander: Reheat, which in turn is a remake of Squadron Commander 3600, a miniatures wargame that featured some familiar-looking miniatures. Order now and we'll throw in the SCR-501 Wusheng, which resembles a...
  3. Bob McDob

    Space Empires iPad

    I don't pay much attention to gaming news nowadays, and even less to Facebook, but I am keenly interested in touchscreen games — and, of course, space games, as well as 4x games. These don't seem like natural fits — so I was shocked when I checked out and found out that Space...
  4. Bob McDob

    Most commonly-encountered Wing Commander book in the wild?

    The other day, I was looking at the CIC April 1st updates again and looked enviously at Chris holding a copy of Freedom Flight at Powell's: It's been a long time since I've seen a Wing Commander novel in the wild, I thought nostalgically. Certainly not at a major retailer.... Some...
  5. Bob McDob

    Good news, everyone!

    No, really, this *is* good news - at least if you care a whit about the historical preservation of models. Yeah, if you saw the other post I made, you know what this is - the Fralthra cruiser lives again! For whatever reason, when the original Origin models of the ships from Wing...
  6. Bob McDob

    Birds of a Feather

    Vision isn't the only mid-'90s engine still going strong today. SimHQ recently ran an article about fan updates to European Air War, the successor to 1942: Pacific Air War, released by Microprose in 1998. Pretty impressive graphics for 256 colors. The article has some other neat...
  7. Bob McDob

    All Hear This:

    Now Hear This: Reckoning is not dead; I don't run this mod, warzog does. There are new websites (under construction); and (which should be of most interest): a new release is coming within a few days. In the meantime, you can refamiliarize yourself with Freelancer in style by...
  8. Bob McDob

    I've Found Her (again)

    Remember I've Found Her, the freeware Babylon 5 game? Well, it's back ... and apparently it has a Skirmish/Multiplayer mode now! Still behind Armada, I guess, but better than nothing. I'm downloading it now; I really enjoyed the first episode (even though I never got through that damned...
  9. Bob McDob


    Well, as it seems that everyone and their cat is getting into the modeling business I thought I'd do a refresher myself. I decided to do the Waterloo. Here's what I've done so far: Poly count currently stands at 2246. This particular model is intended to be the TCS <i>Leningrad</i>, the cruiser...
  10. Bob McDob

    Where's Ferdinand?

    Two years ago, Ferdinand the Cowfish was wrongly imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit (apparently being blind is considered a crime in Boston). But yesterday, I paid him a visit at the New England Aquarium ... and he was gone? Where did he go? Nobody had a clue, so I took pictures of the two...
  11. Bob McDob

    Vindicators in Total Annihilation (Large Images)

    I've known about this for years, but it was only recently that I managed to get them to work in game. And true to form, they blow stuff on the ground up good. Unfortunately, the site where I got them seems to have gone down, but I've uploaded it to my website - put it in your TA main...
  12. Bob McDob

    Reckoning Recommisioned

    Mmkay, school's out and we're officially into summer, I think - but more importantly, I managed to miraculously get Freelancer installed on my junkyard Gateway that won't even install Microsoft Office. That means things should recommence happening here shortly. Give me a whack if they don't.
  13. Bob McDob

    WC RPG Ship Design

    No, this isn't a thread where you bring out the stats for your Impenetrable-class Superultramegaargonought with 12,000 AMGS and 300,000cm shields. I'm actually curious as to how players of space combat RPGs go about translating the stats into something gameworthy (think along the lines of Star...
  14. Bob McDob

    I made a music video (sort of)

    Inspired by LOAF's wc4lala2.avi (In Which We Learn The Best Editing Is No Editing At All), and needing to cut my teeth on VirtualDub for a film project for class, I put together a music video in fifteen minutes using the WCM trailer. Okay, so I cut off the last minute of it, but it still counts...
  15. Bob McDob

    Reckoning Gamma

    Get it here I was going to update it more, but I got a crapload of work dropped on me so I thought I'd release it the general public. Keep in mind that this is essentially a test build, not a full-fledged release - I'd have to fix things like the system crashes before I could play this. It...
  16. Bob McDob

    Just to clear things up ...

    Yes, the thing on April Fools was a joke. No, I'm not dead. No, Reckoning is not dead. The reasoning behind all this is that immedietly after I posted this I had to take an urgent leave of absense for personal reasons. Hence, the rather long "joke". Anyway, I'm back, and everything...
  17. Bob McDob

    The End.

    Now Hear This: Due to a number of frustrations, including limitations with the Freelancer engine and a burning inclination that this project has been taken as far as it can go, I am officially declaring this mod finished. I will shortly be releasing the enigmatic "Gamma 1" to the public, but...
  18. Bob McDob


    Thanks to the recent surge of birthday publicity we're getting an increase in feedback and general comments, so I thought I'd consolidate it all in one thread for ease of referral. Post here about anything you have to say about 4.65, Gamma 1, or any other current/future releases.
  19. Bob McDob

    Birthday Bash!

    I don't know what time it is in whatever country you live in, but it's 12:00 AM on March 26, 2005 here - and that means Reckoning turns two years old! To celebrate, we're having a vertitable media blitz - screencaps and video clips galore!
  20. Bob McDob

    Changing of the Guard

    Well, it's been a fairly low-key thing, but an epoch in the history of this mod has passed. Warzog, lead programmer, lead designer, and general everyman for The Reckoning, has stepped down from his de facto role as project manager after almost exactly one year at the reins. Thanks, man, and good...