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    KIS Sivar and her technologies.

    A thing I was wondering the other day was, basically, what were Sivar's objectives, aside from taking out Goddard? (Like anyu long-term goals.) Here's my problem with the Sivar: It's basically a flying target. As far as I know (I haven't again played SM1 in, well, forever) we don't really...
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    Pink Floyd.

    In a minor attempt to get people to post here again(All signs point to: Pathetic), I guess i'll make a PF thread. I like the hell out of Pink Floyd. Dark Side of the Moon is an excellent album, with Brain damage/Eclipse being two great songs. Wish you were was a great follow-up. (Wish you...
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    Hey, lets discuss WWII!

    Anyways, the more I've read WWII history books and documentaries, the more it seems that the Axis Power's loss was simply inevitable, because of the Allies' overwhelmingly superior manpower and production capabilities, and they were just runing the Clock out. Also, I've also read up on the...
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    The Best of Both Worlds

    Chapter 1. Shinji Ikari sighed as he underwent yet another test inside the mocked-up test Eva. It was excruciatly boring. He felt like he floated, as he normally did. Then a extrely loud alarm, like the the alarm from the game Half-Life, started shriking throughout the complex. Shinji...
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    Babylon 5

    .... Because EA Omega-X's were awesome. Well, please do tell if you guys like B5.
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    Star Trek, and lesser SF franchises (was "Movies to see")

    Dunno, I would kinda like to see a new star trek movie, but thats not happening soon... [ST discussion broken off from this thread. - Death]
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    I got the Thrawn Triology last week, and i'm finding it to be excellent reads.
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    Star Wars thread of great justice!

    What is your favorite Star Wars ships? Can post anyone. personaly, my favorites are the Eclipse class SSD, X-wing, TIE intercepter, Imperial class, Victory class Star destroyers. Oh, with the Eclipse, I have one thing to say: Tyrantmobile FTW!:D BTW, just say whats your favorite looking...
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    Are the Honor Harrington books any good?

    I'm considering picking them up, when I get paid. So, how goes it ?
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    I just finished Ender's game last night...

    Well, I didnt see that ending coming. So, what to you think?
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    I finally beat the Kilrathi gauntlet! Huzzah!!:) :D
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    What did you think of Neon Genesis Evangelion?

    What the topic titile said. I'm not trying to start any anime wars, just asking for genuine opnions:)
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    Asking what is UE about.

    Sorry if this a stupid question:confused:
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    Any Chance that we'll be able to fly the sabre more in EP.4.?

    Just a question? I would definately love to fly the Sabre more in Standoff. Sorry, just a question.