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  1. Youngblood

    Any Petrol Heads?

    Hi All!! Just wondering if many of us are into cars? I'm a huge petrol head I think the term is gear head in the US? Show us your Pride and Joy! I thought about this as while I was in Dubai a Mustang passed me with Col Blair under the window...😆 I'm hoping that person may be here.... So...
  2. Youngblood


    So... We all have at least one interest in common which is why we are here.... But do we have any petrol heads (UK) or Gear heads (I believe that's what our cousins across the pond call them)? I have a huge love of cars and was wondering if any of my fellow wing nuts do too..
  3. Youngblood

    Star Citizen slow performance.....?

    Hi all!! I am after a little help here... I downloaded Star Citizen about August last year and Arena Commander worked well, however I have just downloaded it again and I cant even get through Training its that slow its unplayable. Is anyone else having issues? Or could it be my hardware? I'm...
  4. Youngblood

    Members in the UAE?

    Hey All!! I have just got a new job after leaving the Royal Air Force for a company out in Abu Dhabi I was wondering if any fellow CIC members are in that part of the world?
  5. Youngblood

    A really odd question!

    Right as some of you will know I not long stopped my treatment for cancer and with that cash is tight I mean very tight this month. I was wondering will canned foods go off or are they ok too eat? got a few with dates of 2009 should I throw them or will they be ok? I know its a stupid question!
  6. Youngblood

    Star Wars the old Republic

    Ok so im tempted to give this a try anyone here play? I just dont want to spend my cash and find out I dont like it.
  7. Youngblood

    Mass Effect 3

    So is anyone else as excited as me? I cant wait only downside is gotta wait till the 9th here in the UK
  8. Youngblood

    Sword of the stars Multiplayer

    I just got SOTS and I have been playing it for a few days I think its a good game BUT I think it would be much better to play with other people anyone else fancy a game??
  9. Youngblood

    Wing 4 DVD

    Anyone have any idea where I can find a copy of WC 4 on DVD? cant find one anywhere :(
  10. Youngblood

    How many of us are in the Armed Forces?

    After reading a few posts over the last few days I was wondering how many of us Wing Nuts are serving our country and if WC had anything to do with it?
  11. Youngblood

    The Big C word.......

    Well Ive had some bad news last week I was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer Ive had the Orchiectomy and Just sarted my chemotherapy. Just wanted to let you guys know that coming to the CIC everyday is helping me to keep my hopes up and I want to thank everyone of you. Thank you.
  12. Youngblood

    Calling all CIC members in the UK

    I was thinking maybe all of us members that are in the UK could get together for a mini meet up of sorts, Then maybe at a future date fly across the pond to meet our cousins over in the US anyone up for this?
  13. Youngblood

    WC Squadrons

    Ok being a serving member of the RAF I was thinking we have a very proud history connected to our squadrons infact being the worlds oldest air force we have some of the oldest squadrons in the world with loads of battle honours I was wondering if we have any proof that any of these squadron...
  14. Youngblood

    Privateer 2 The Darkening

    Ok i Just bought this of flee bay anyone know if it works on vista??
  15. Youngblood

    The Soaks Pistols!!!

    While reading trough a newspaper here in the U.K i came across an article about a super soaker collector across the pond in the states unfortunately I dont have a scanner but the picture shows are very own Chris Reid with his huge collection!!! the write up titled the soaks pistols has this to...
  16. Youngblood

    first flight on monday!!

    Hi all as some of you may or may not know im an officer in the RAF and ive just passed my basic flight training:D and on monday im pitchin up at 56sqn OCU fo my training on the Tornado f3 and i cant wait!! im not sure if anyone is intrested in this but i had to share it with you guys!!
  17. Youngblood

    windows vista

    ive got a new pc and it has windows vista i tried installing prophecy and it just pauses and wont carry on i got secret ops installed but it wont work even on win 95 settings and the worst thing is standoff wont work:( however i have got WC IV working very stange that an old game like that...
  18. Youngblood

    New Battlestar Game??

    I dont know if anyone has noticed but there are a few notes to a battlestar galactica online game on xbox live marketplace
  19. Youngblood

    Hey guys good to be back!!!

    Hi all!! i doubt anyone noticed i was missing but i just got back from being deployed in the falklands and havent been to the cic in over 4 months just thought id let you all know im so happy to be back!!!
  20. Youngblood

    Anyone remember a WC Christmas story?

    Ive been looking for a story i read once it was set after secret ops and involved Casey going home for christmas anyone know where i can get a copy?