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  1. Dran

    Star Hammer the Vanguard

    Saw this On GOG and thought of Wing Commander
  2. Dran

    Ascii Star Wars Movie

    Make sure you have telnet installed... telnet enjoy!!
  3. Dran

    Wing Commander Card Game - Is there a digital version?

    I was wondering if there was a digital version of the Wing Commander card game? Or if there are any nights that one could join playing on #Wingnut. I never had the opportunity to play the game or see any of the cards in real life other than postings here. But I am interested as the game seems...
  4. Dran

    Free space simulator

    Thought you guys might find this interesting, or use it to make a WC mod.
  5. Dran

    Download old games for free legally

    This seems pretty neat. The ability to download an play old pc games for free, and legally to. Check out the article for details, or just click on the wiki list. Pretty neat to see games like: Ultima, and C&C up there. Article...
  6. Dran

    Good Old Games

    I am not sure if any of you check out PCGamer ever, but I read it from time to time. This month they feature a site (Coming Soon) that will allow users to play, and download old games. These old games will be able to run on XP and vista. It is different then say gametap because there is no...
  7. Dran

    StarShatter: The Gathering Storm

    New Space Sim on it's way.
  8. Dran

    Tabula Rasa and Ultima X

    Checking about online reviews I found some promising news for our Friend Mr. Garriott.
  9. Dran

    WC Carrier question

    I have read the post topic about best fighters which started me wondering after finishing WC3, and 4 recently. In WC 1 we have the Tigers Claw. It has 1 runway, in WC2 the Concordia has 2, In WC3 the Victory has 1, and in WC IV all the carriers seem to have one runway. Why was there a switch...
  10. Dran

    Auto-pilot issues.

    Got through the 1st training mission, and in doing the second I apparently failed because I was not in formation. I tried the mission again and watched the ship in escort. I noticed that the ship breaks off before I meet the Nav point. I then have to turn aroung and afterburn to get in the...
  11. Dran

    Rate Your Geekness A test to rate how much of a geek you are.
  12. Dran

    Saga Keys Reference Card

    Is there a reference card for the controls in Saga? I never played Freespace, and keep having to restart tutorial cause of fat fingers, and I guess memory as to what i think the control would be.
  13. Dran

    Tolwyn Knew, and Paladin is an Arse

    In WC IV (recently picked game back up and playing again) I ran into some things I did not notice before, and also made different choices leading me to weird ending. 1st. On my last mission before the end of the 6th disk when Blair discovers Tolywin is a tratior, Blair sneaks on to their...
  14. Dran

    WC Counterstike
  15. Dran

    New SCI-FI RTS

    This game looks pretty cool, even though it may just be a homeworld knock-off
  16. Dran

    Cool old games

    Check this out, though I do not see WC
  17. Dran

    Help with Replay Controls

    This is a double post but I want to make sure I get some feedback. I am having issues with the target lock on as well. I mad sure my autotargeting VDU is up, and I hit the start key (that pauses the game) Select does nothing. Note I am still using the simulator, just trying to learn how to...
  18. Dran

    Bad file for WC SO1 (disk 8)

    I have the delux addition for WC got it on 3.5, but on the 8th disk I have a bad file that will not copy. I was hoping someone could provide this to me. File name: midgame.v05 thanks ahead of time.
  19. Dran

    Lego Aircraft Carrier
  20. Dran

    WC4 help

    I just finished playing WC3 with dosbox, so I brushed the dust off my wc4. I ran into some issues running setup.exe from WINXP. The colours were all weird so I tried it is dosbox, and the install went fine. When I went to play the game the joystick was acting all weird, so I patched it with...