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  1. Plywood Fiend

    Whimsies, doings and curios.

    Hello all, several years no see. Some of you may remember I was working on an episodic audio drama series called 'Defiant Few', after about six episodes that fell to pieces due to a) ambition outstretching realistic expectations; b) one too many voice actors either vanishing without explanation...
  2. Plywood Fiend

    Wing Commander Academy Released on

    Just thought I'd mention:
  3. Plywood Fiend

    Wing Commander - Defiant Few (New Audio Series)

    Hello all, and Happy New Year. A lot of you have seen or are aware of the Audio production ‘From the Jaws of Defeat’ which me and some fellow wingnuts recently made. I’d now like to announce my next and considerably more ambitious project: Wing Commander: Defiant Few – An Episodic Audio Series...
  4. Plywood Fiend

    Wing Commander Audio Project Proposal (Voice acting roles anyone?)

    Stemming from my recent work reviewing WCA episodes (Thanks for putting that on the news by the way), I’ve had the idea of producing a Wing Commander Audio series. To that end I’ve written a short script as a kind of prototype to gauge whether or not the community would be interested in the...
  5. Plywood Fiend

    Wing Commander Academy Episodic Reviews

    Hello all. Some of you may have noticed me looming out of the shadows from time to time to post about my new online reviewing endeavours. One project I've been meaning to start for a while now is a run through of Wing Commander Academy, providing an analytical/opinionated/averagely humorous...
  6. Plywood Fiend

    Wing Commander 4 on

    I don't think this has been announced yet on the CIC (though I could be wrong... this kind of thing always tends to backfire I've found), but nevertheless I'm going to barge in lummox-like and announce it myself. As the title says, I just saw WC4 available for $5.99 on
  7. Plywood Fiend

    Peculiar Richard's Wing Commander 3 Review

    Greetings. Some of you may have noticed me advertising my new youtube computer game review scheme, and just a few moments ago I uploaded one for Wing Commander 3. If anyone wants to see then you can find it here: Without meaning to boast, I dare call...
  8. Plywood Fiend

    Oh Jeez, what's he done now...

    Greetings, me again, crawling out of the drain to present my newest creation. Not Wing Commander themed but it does contain a WC cameo, hence I post it here. Basically I'm trying my hand at online game reviewing, and this is the first episode of...
  9. Plywood Fiend

    Fifty Voices of the Three Wars

    Sigh, will I never learn. Greetings all. Once again a passing Wing Commander Fan fic urge appeared and thus i've started on a new project. As some of you have seen repeatedly however, my projects have the unfortunate habit of ending abruptly nowhere near the end. I can't promise it'll be...
  10. Plywood Fiend

    The Supply Depot escaped

    I thought i'd share this peculiar Wing commander happenstance story with you all. I was recently playing through Secret Missions 1 and was on the supply depot strike mission. Paladin had exploded and five Gratha were giving me grief, so I started circling the depot, which often causes...
  11. Plywood Fiend

    Front Lines - One Final Duty

    Hello, it's me again. I can't help but feel a bit of a swine for posting this, considering the number of projects i've started and stopped abrupty once inspiration fizzled, including Front Lines itself. Having played the exceptional Standoff episode 5 however, I find myself in a Wing...
  12. Plywood Fiend

    Some fan tributes are just plain weird

    Greetings. Recently i've taken to rewording and Wing-commanderising popular tunes, and thus I present this odd tribute to Standoff's protagonist, Captain Bradshaw. The song is based on 'I am the Captain of the Pinafore' from Gilbert and Sullivan's 'HMS Pinafore'. To see the original song...
  13. Plywood Fiend

    Tunes for Confederation minstrells

    Something a bit different. Based on 'I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General' from Gilbert and Sullivan's 'Pirates of Penzance', I have written this cheery tribute to Admiral Tolwyn, Wing Commander's most revered despotic lunatic. To see the original song, click here...
  14. Plywood Fiend

    Tolwyn's Children

    Hello all, i've returned from the shadowy realm of silence and nothingness with another attempt at a story. First off, appologies to all Front Lines fans, I think at this point I must finally admit defeat with that story. After three years and a number of desperate last minute storyline...
  15. Plywood Fiend

    Front Lines Book 2 - Hangman's Noose

    Greetings, sorry for the long space between any kind of anything for this project but I really did need some time away. This continuation takes place after a fair few chapters which I haven't written yet. My plan is to release book 1, (up to just after the battle with the Hvarkann) once i've...
  16. Plywood Fiend

    Within the Walls of Dis

    Greetings, First off, for regular readers of Front Lines I know it's been a long time since my last update. The reason being, if i'm honest, I think it's going downhill on an increasingly steep slope. Too many new characters and story lines disguising my growing lack of direction and...
  17. Plywood Fiend

    A WC3 Music Video

    Greetings all. This one's a considerable shift from my standard doom, death and destroy all ye see type of video, it's something of an exploration of Flint's reaction to Blair picking Rachael set to 'I'm not that girl' from the Wicked soundtrack. I doubt it'll appeal to many, but oh well...
  18. Plywood Fiend

    Front Lines Character Art

    When I say art of course what I mean is cartoony, poorly coloured scribbles with funny noses. I think I said at some point in time that I have no artistic talent and to that I hold. Right, now that the disclaimer-esque self deppreciation is out of the way, first on the list is 'Fool'. He's...
  19. Plywood Fiend

    This one's just silly

    And that's all i'll say about it.;6265026;;/fileinfo.html or
  20. Plywood Fiend

    Wing Commander Academy be-twisting thingamajig

    This thing's been on youtube for a while and i've been meaning to post it here but kept either forgetting or only had access to a dial up modem which was no help. Anyhoo, this is basically some humerous re-dubbing of scenes from Wing commander Academy, if this one proves popular I might make...