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    Prologue Released!

    awesome game guys i have all details on max running it on a 22 inch widescreen moniter in high res looks awesome, plays flawlessly graphics rock game brings back memories from wc3 days. voice acting is great although is there any key i can press to skip though it tho, say when i die i have...
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    C&C First Decade Ships To Stores (February 7, 2006)

    the first game , the original c&c was the best .
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    Install Problem

    thanks for all your help that worked and fixed the problem :)
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    Install Problem

    the answer is yes on both points however the ep2 installer is still saying the prologue isn't installed
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    Install Problem

    ok i registered :) well let me explain, i have secret ops installed and it works , i have UE installed and it works i have standoff episode 1 installed and it works. The registry entries for [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Origin Systems\Wing Commander Secret Ops] are all intact and...