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    What if the "WC: Standoff" best ending happened?

    From the fan campaign Wing Commander: Standoff, how would WC history have been different if the "best" ending from that campaign had happened? For instance, would the Behemoth have been able to be developed more?
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    Foreign Minister Jamison

    It's been a while since I read Fleet Action. Did Minister Jamison ever actually express regret at what she did? I remember she tried to betray Confed because she thought the Kilrathi had her son but IIRC she seemed to do what she did rather easily. I would have expected something like "I...
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    Final mission problem

    Concerning the final mission (Freya 8 I believe), the one where you finally attack and attempt to destroy the Wratghar, has anyone else had technical problems with it? I played it and it always seemed to freeze up at the point where the Hermes is about to come in. This happened on multiple...
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    The CAG from WC: Prophecy

    I forgot the name of the character, but the CAG on the Midway from Wing Commander Prophecy, just out of curiosity what was she doing during the Kilrathi War? Was she a pilot herself somewhere?
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    Avatar vs. Psychopath

    Which of these two personalities (Avatar and Psychopath) did you like better and think was the better fighter? I found Avatar to be fairly annoying so I'd rather fly with Psychopath (I liked flying with him better) Psych seemed to be a slightly better pilot too, just IMO. Though I probably...
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    What would a "completed" Behemoth look like?

    In WC3, Tolwyn said concerning Behemoth "...we would have liked another year or two for testing and development..." Through some circumstance (a more successful Battle of Earth, or Jukaga isn't listened to and the False Peace isn't offered which means the war continues as normal, whatever)...
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    Quick End Run Question

    I know the Wolfhound, Concordia, Gettysburg, and Trafalgar were at the Battle of Vukar Tag and that the Concordia survived. It's been a while since I've read End Run though; what happened to the other three ships at the battle?
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    What if Jukaga's plot succeeded?

    Hypothetically, what would have happened next in Fleet Action had Baron Jukaga's plan to assassinate Thrakath and the Emperor worked? I know it was typically against Kilrathi policy for the Emperor and the heir to be on board the same ship (at least I think that's what was said in the...
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    Most underrated fighter

    Recently we had a thread for most overrated/least favorite fighter. On the opposite end of the spectrum, how about the fighter/bomber you think is underrated or doesn't get the attention you think it deserves? My choice for that would be the Wasp interceptor from Prophecy/SO. I liked...
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    "Wing Commander Reboot" Timeline This is a timeline of the Kilrathi war The Kiat (on did. Fairly long, but pretty good job. It got interest in WC on that site so that's always good. :)
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    Next update?

    I just downloaded this the other day. I played it and loved it. Is there a chance we'll see more of it since this was just the prologue?
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    How responsible was Foreign Minister Jamison?

    The one I'm talking about was Foreign Minister Jamison from "Fleet Action." What I mean was, was she really all that responsible for the debacle of Confed being virtually disarmed during the Battle of Earth? (Forgive me if I got some details wrong, it's been a while since I read the book and...
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    Which other WC story could have been a movie?

    Which other Wing Commander story could have been made into a WC movie if you were to pick one? Personally, I would have liked to see "End Run" as a movie; though "Action Stations" or "Fleet Action" or WC3 could have been put to a big screen I think. NOTE: I am not intending to pick on the...