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    WC 3do ports-Is the joystick really needed?

    On another forum I frequent there was a thread started about the 3do, and it made me interested enough to finally go on ebay and buy one. Naturally, I also picked up a copy of the Wing Commander 3 port, and will probably get Super Wing Commander when I get done with 3. I haven't played 3 in...
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    Selecting a video card with TV out

    First of all, it's good to be back at the site. I don't post much but I've been lurking for eons. :) Anyway, I dusted off the old Wing Commander box (A Windows XP computer that I have that is the only PC that can play every WC game except Privateer) because I got a new joystick and I wanted...
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    Slight visual problem in Prophecy

    I've been playing Prophecy on my new computer for a few days now, and it just started having a minor visual problem. When I'm in the cockpit, there is a translucent blue color that goes across the screen diagonally on the lower right side of the screen. It's kind of like blue fog that never...