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    Introduction to Wing Commander

    I don't know if this was posted before but I thought it would be a fun idea. How were you introduced to Wing Commander. When was the first time you saw it and played it? The first time I played Wing Commander was in 1994/95 in High School. I was taking a class on Drafting and Design and was...
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    Size Comparison Chart for Capital Ships

    Hey Guys I was wondering if anyone has anything to go by in making a size comparison chart of all the capital ships in Wing Commander. The reason why is I saw a comparison chart that specified the Executor Class Super Star Destroyer from Star Wars is only 17,484 meters long while the KIS...
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    Second Life for Wingnuts... Part 2

    Hello Everyone, Awhile ago I posted in the forum about a carrier that I found looking for Wing Commander related things in Second Life. I just recently bought a Black Lance Dragon fighter. It's pretty cool, you can fly it and shoot from it. However it doesn't look all that authentic. It...
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    Second Life for Wingnuts

    I do not believe this has been posted before but here goes. I was searching through Second Life and found this nice little shop. Here are some pics of probably a Ranger-Class Carrier in SL. Enjoy!
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    WC and Linux under Wine

    Hello, Hoping someone can help me. I have just upgraded from Windows XP to Ubuntu Linux 7.10 and I am having difficulties running Secret Ops, Standoff, and UE. Can anyone give me any help with this? I can run the game fine in VMWare but without sound... and I want to see if there are any...
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    Space Station Model

    Hello, Just wanted to say that episode 4 is amazing and tough! looking at the screen shots on the website I see that you guys have created one of the stations from wing commander2. Where is that model in the game I want to fly around it... Thanks Alex
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    This may sound like a really newb question but how do you take screen shots in standoff? Thanks, Alex
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    Mission two - Fralthi

    Hello, First I would like to comment on how great this game is... I love flying the Scimitar! THe question I have is: How do I find the Fralthi? I've been playing this mission over and over and somehow cannot find it. I switched my nav point to the Fralthi NAV and apparently I have to...
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    Feature add list for Flight Commander and question

    Hello, New to Flight Commander.. have some suggestions to make it more fun. Create a feature similar to the old version of X-Wing. Have a data recorder that records the mission that you can play back later with different camera angles. I don't know if that can be done but it...