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    USS Ohio makes Seatrials

    For those of you who follow military news the USS Ohio sucsessfully completed phase one of sea trials and we came back alive WAHOOOO.... Whats crappy though is I have duty the same day we pull back into port not so wahooo. I would give more details on what we did but then id have to kill you...
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    WCU in need of base art

    For all you wonderful artists out there. WCU is in need new base art specificly kilrathi base art. If you would like to help please send me a message either here or
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    Bussard Ram Scoop

    Ok in WingCommander I understand how they work but in real life I have read they work much differently. a Giant scoop positivly charged to attract free floating hydrogen atoms filling up the fuel tanks. The problem is at teh speeds we are able to travel we would not be able to collect enough...
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    Very Cool Website

    Not sure if anyone knows much about this site first time ive ever seen it