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    So... Happy Yuri's night wingnuts and other space lovers

    Today (April 12) is important to any one even remotly interested in space exploration. 57 years ago for the first time a human crossed the boundary of space and entered orbit. So using this ocasion wanted to write some of my thoughts and drop few facts regarding soviet space program, especially...
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    have you seen...

    the "top sellers" list on GOG? maybe we should spam EA mail addresses with it? :-)
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    Where to find WC e-books

    Ok, so right now I'm reading through Fleet Action, witch I got in a package with my WC3 purchase on GOG. So I have this question? do you know if there is any place where I can buy other WC novels on the net. And please, don't say Amazon, as they require you to have a credit card there, and in...
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    WC movie airing in Poland

    So I just learned, WC movie will be airing tommorrow on Polsat, one of the major TV stations here in Poland at 10.15 PM CEST. Unfortunately I will have zero chancees aof seeing it but enyone who have time be sure to Tune in
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    have you seen this guy's work?

    chack this thread on Saga's HLP forums: It's pretty awsome IMO
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    Jutland Question

    now that's all the info S*S has given about the class, quite and few people here insisted it wasnt even official name before it. Yet, while this notegives us no Idea what these ships really were, LOAF says (based on the pre S*S info I assume) that Jutland is in fakt Gettysburg modification...
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    Did I see it?

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    So, what do you really need to win?

    So I did it. So what do you really need to get the win-win? is it last mission? than it's Impossible. Not because its' impossible to do it. It's just and before I can finish, game crashes no matter what :(
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    so I just got to Ep5 (have been replaying the previous four and had game crashed SEVERAL times in the Hakaga mission in ep4) and finished ep4 with all 6 crossbows. (managed to keep them through Hakaga mission and you don't get to fly them later) then I check my email in the Ep5 and what I have...
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    Best/Worst Sci-Fi TV series

    OK, we know lot's of our opinions about Sci-Fi movies, so let's get to the TV series. Witch do uou thnk are the best and the worst. for me: Best - Star Trek Tne Next Generation. I know it maybe not very original, but it is just it. It really went beyond flying around in spaceship and...
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    The ruins of a Broken Empire: a Kilrathi Topic

    ok here is what's it all about: what do we know about Kilrathi society and Politics before during and after the Nephilim War: here are a few things: Kilrathi Assemble of Clans is a major political body in Kilrathi-held space. Do we know anything about its political and sotial strucer...
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    Your favorite Tolwyn's office

    So, probably the silliest poll ecer on CIC forums - what tolwyns office was your favorite. As we all know three WC games start with blair in more or less unpleasant situation in Tolwyns office, so we can easily compare them. My personal favorite is WC3 one - it had bigger windows and generaly...
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    Lance Gripes

    ok, the another gripes thead!. but this time for a presumably best fighter you ever get to fly... or is it? In theory its THE best. it's got shields of a bomber and armor of a bomber. A cruise speed of a light fighter, the manuvrability of medium fighter, and AB speed of Hellcat... only with...
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    extra models

    Tolwyn released some wc4 models on HLP forums few hours ago :D
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    Fighter Designations

    Many people here seems to assume, that designations for fighters in WC univers show how old they ar (lower designation number=older fighter) Seeing many common things in confed millitary to US military, I think that the designations used by the fighters do not indicate that they entered...
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    Your Favorite Taunt

    Hey I always wondered - what are your favorite taunts- Player's, Enemy and wingmen in all games. i always like these ones from Wc3: "say good night kitten" - by Blair and "You fly like the Ape that you are" from cats.
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    How can i capture screenshots in wc3 KS

    How can i capture screenshots in wc3 KS (possibly in jpg)
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    WCP Trial

    I just found something interesting while trying to put some order to my CD: A disc from an old gaming magazine that includede an original Prophecy playable demo!. It consist of three mission that was not included in full version of the game, and there are also few slight graphic details...
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    Kilrathi Saga under win2000

    Hay. i have a chance to get Kilrathi Saga quite cheap (from a friend) and i have a question: is there any chance to run it in win2000? if that's possible, how can i do it? :confused: note, that i haven't got it yet, so i can't just test it right away, and i can't borrow it right now:confused: