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    Video problems.

    Sorry for digging up this thread but let me explan here. The SCP for freespace 2 has very little (if not none) direct X support. If you do use direct X there is a nodicible decrease in graphics quality so it is OpenGL or deal with it. And cutscenes can work with direct X (although off center...
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    Six from Saga (February 8, 2007)

    The hold dark Confed starship thing is all baout the lighting in freespace. that bg ol sun/lasers/(explotions?) lights up the part of any ship/fighter that is facing it. Any part not facing a light source will appear dark/darker. In the WingCommander games the technology wasn't aroud for this...
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    Prologue for Mac OS X Released!

    heh. The olny use left for the G3s (or mine anyway) is running OS 9 apps since classic enviroment for OSX SUCKS! :rolleyes: . My G5 1.8 ghz ,1 G ram 64MB nvida graphics card works well for the freespace 2 port. BTW - with those specs for the G3 you don't have a chance of running freespace anyway
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    PiArmada .09 released!

    looks good so far but i have a couple of suggestions 1. all the "space dust" floating around is a bit excessive. 2.every time i take out a solkor (or whatever) it keeps saying that I loose all the ships in my flight (in one case 2 arrows and another case 1 arrow) even when I kill the ship...
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    Pick Your Favorite Sibling (October 1, 2005)

    Im gonna go for system shock and my reason is (besides the fact that is is the olny other orgin game i have) it is one relly kick *** game. Im in the process of replaying it now (I never finished it oddly enoungh maybe because i was young at the time and SHODAN messages scared the living sh**...