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  1. BoH_Havoc

    Hellcat cockpit in the WC2 style

    Wow, just wow :) I have no idea how you pulled that off but can only assume it was quite the challenge. I remember modding Privateer a few years ago, implementing new story mission/fixers (based on that one .txt file floating around the interwebs, can't find it at the moment) and new systems. I...
  2. BoH_Havoc

    Online 3D Shipviewer

    Great! I'll get back to you on that offer :) I didn't even think about making this project open source, but it don't see a reason why i should not. I that case buying a license makes not much sense. (I prefer the Unity Plugin anyway) Heh, yes i just did a quick normalmap using nDo2 and forgot...
  3. BoH_Havoc

    Online 3D Shipviewer

    I had the idea of building an online 3D shipviewer for the wcnews shipdatabase, so i sat down today an created a very basic first version. Please not that the GUI is horrible (i just wanted to try some things out) and most likely isn't needed at all. Press and hold the left mouse button to...