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  1. Nomad Terror

    (Silly) Warren Spector Tribute

    The guys at Mega64 made a silly video tribute to Warren Spector, who is receiving this year's GDC Lifetime Achievement Award. It's silly, and there's no mention of his work at Origin. But, hey, it's Warren Spector. Or, at least, pictures of him.
  2. Nomad Terror

    Wing Commander Desktop Icons

    Hello, friends. I have a project I've been working on the past several days, and I have enough results now to share what I've done so far with the community. I've made desktop icons (in .ico and .png format) for Wing Commander 2, Wing Commander Academy, Privateer and Righteous Fire. The style...
  3. Nomad Terror


    It's been a little while from what I can tell that this has been talked about before, but certain recent events have made me wonder again. Is there any glimmer of hope recently concerning the release of more Wing Commander novels as ebooks? I know the past few times it's been talked about...
  4. Nomad Terror

    Just played through Secret Ops again

    Damn this was such a high quality game for being free (at the time). Regardless of the lack of FMV, this game really tells a fine story through the external fiction and in-flight comms. Plus whoever they casted to voice Captain Murkins did an exceptional job. His conversation with the...
  5. Nomad Terror

    Post-Kilrathi War Confed economy

    Do we have any indication on how the economy of the Confederation fared in the several years after the end of the Kilrathi War? Obviously it seemed Confed was in a rather large depression in Wing Commander 4, and likely again in Arena, following the Nephilim War. However, in the 2680s it...
  6. Nomad Terror

    Why didn't Confed fight the Kilrathi more intelligently?

    Why didn't Confed fight the Kilrathi more intelligently? They could have used GIANT BLACK SCREENS to hide their ships. And INFLATABLE DECOY CRAFT to confuse enemy positions. And SUPER POLYMERS to stick turrets and capture enemy fighters. AND SAID CAPTURED FIGHTERS for reconnaissance roles...
  7. Nomad Terror

    Standoff in Windows 2000

    This is how I managed to get Standoff working on my Windows 2000 SP4 rig. Your mileage may vary. 1. Make sure you are running SP4 with the latest version of everything (drivers and directx). 2. If you have not yet, run this command in start > run: regsvr32 %systemroot%\apppatch\slayerui.dll...
  8. Nomad Terror

    Opinions on Standoff Episode 1 (*spoiler warning*)

    I am so glad this is finally out. Compared to standard Secret Ops, these models and textures are absolutely fantastic. There is noticable slowdown when the Lionheart is being rendered, both in mission and in briefings. My XP rig really isn't one to receive the best hardware, however, so...
  9. Nomad Terror

    Wing Commander Cockpit Bitmaps

    Is there a compilation somewhere of the cockpit bitmaps from WC1-3 and Armada? Alternative is there a method to extract them from said games?
  10. Nomad Terror

    Revised ships

    Ships that appear in one game only to reappear in a later game in a different form with no revision noted (the Rapier's cosmetic changes can be explained that it was just changed through various revisions), are we to pretend that it looked that way all along or that it is actually a different...