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    Light Carrier Battlegroup 23

    Based around TCS Ticonderoga, an older Yorktown-class light carrier, Light Carrier Battlegroup 23 is mainly either a defensive asset or supporting pushes my major carriers, including the Bengal-class TCS Tiger's Claw, in their push into the Vega Sector. Currently assigned to the Vega system...
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    Beta 8 Bugs

    Okay, I've dowloaded the game and started playing... and run into a few new bugs for you to squash. First of all, sometimes, when I take a 'Bounty-Pirate Capship' mission, I'm not after a Drayman but a Talon... with a Drayman in the background. The Drayman is not, repeat, NOT the bounty...
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    VegaStrike Mod

    If anyone here plays VS (and you should, it's fun), they updated to version .42 last month... And someone released the beta of a Privateer mod for the game. Go to and look for the Wing Commander Universe section.
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    Claw Marks

    Uhm, I'm not sure where to put this, but here seems like a good place. The website for Claw Marks is down and has been since at least the server move. Any status on that?
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    WC Prophecy Disk Problem

    This isn't exactly tech support, but I don't ahve any better ideas on where to put it. My copy of Prophecy Gold has a scratched disk (#2) and I can't get the program to install. Any ideas on how to get around this? I own the others (and will provide proof if need be) and I haven't been able...
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    Ships Released

    Is there a master list of ships we're going to see released in Wing Commander Saga?