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  1. psych

    PS2 SOCOM Hell Week

    I'm a little surprised (ok, I'm very surprised) they actually did this, and that it got cleared through the proper channels. Basically, 16 video game players who liked to play the SOCOM: US Navy SEALs series, flew to lovely (ha :o ) Coronado, for five days of getting the shit kicked out of...
  2. psych

    Don't be this guy

    To all you turds considering going to BUD/S, don't put some stupid shit on your blog about how much you are a badass and how you want to kill bad guys and how "no way in hell I'm goin to quit ever". Or you'll find that the Instructors here will have your blog printed out and posted everywhere in...
  3. psych

    Final Thunderbolt VII model

    Okay guys, As promised before, I will start showing off the new fighter models made by the Saga team. This here is our final model of the Thunderbolt VII, remade because to be frank . . . our old model sucked so hard that black holes couldn't escape it. Credit goes to Lars who made the...
  4. psych

    Voice acting.

    Just like the Standoff guys, we're need just a few more voices to round out our voice talent. Previous voice work for another mod like Standoff is preferred, but not absolutely required. Candidates should be serious and be able to sound like someone in their 20s. Openings are for miscellaneous...
  5. psych

    Confed Light and Heavy Cruisers

    This thread is being started to publically unveil the latest work of the WC Saga team. This time around, the release is a dual-cruiser pack. This first ship is our final model of the Tallahassee-class, the Confed heavy cruiser from Wing Commander 3. The decision to construct a new model was...
  6. psych

    Video with classic Nintendo twist

    I was browsing SOCNET when I found this video here. As the title said, there's a Nintendo twist into it. It's a pretty small video too, so it'll be easy on you guy's bandwidth. I found it hilarious.
  7. psych

    Kilrathi Light Cruiser

    This thread is being started to publically unveil the latest work of the WC Saga. This next ship on the line is a Kilrathi warship that was cut from Wing Commander 3. I was able to find it in the “Making of WC3” CD-ROM that Origin released with its first official WC3 guide. As...
  8. psych

    Lexington-class Heavy Carrier

    This thread is being started to publically unveil the latest work of the WC Saga. This next one is the Lexington-class heavy carrier, a vessel that was in service around 2669. If you didn’t know already, this vessel was seen in the Wing Commander Armada game and as the remade Tiger’s Claw in...
  9. psych

    What's eating you?

    I saw some pictures posted on another forum I visit, and there was a really lively discussion concerning its legitimacy.
  10. psych

    President match?

    It's easy to figure out the basic political affiliations due to some people's posts here on the Off-Topic zone (anti-space program, anti-Iraq War, pro-let murderers off the hook cause they are different, etc etc), but since it's an election year and all, I'm posting this link to see exactly...
  11. psych

    CIC Awards Congratulations

    Hey guys, I'm making this post to say congratulations to all who won the CIC Awards this year.
  12. psych

    Gettysburg-class Supercruiser

    This thread is being started to publically unveil the latest work of the WC Saga Team. This one is more of an “easter egg” and a New Year’s gift from the Team then a ship that will be in the main WC campaign, but this ship was done to show you guys the attention to detail we’ve been applying to...
  13. psych

    Fleet Tactics comments threads

    Hi guys, As Chris Reid has released the URL to me and Jibbo's Fleet Tactics page as a Christmas gift to the WC community, I am starting this thread to deal with any general feedback, comments, suggestions, criticism, protests, death threats, or any other stuff to this genre. Me and Jibbo...
  14. psych

    Dubav-class Light Carrier (lost WC art)

    Its Christmas eve, I have places to go and drinks to drink so I will make this fast. This thread is being started to publically unveil the latest work of the WC Saga. This one is a canon ship that was never seen in the games, but unlike the Jutland-class that was an artist's interpretation, we...
  15. psych

    Kilrathi Troop Transport

    This thread is being started to publically unveil the latest work of the WC Saga. The next vessel being rolled out is a Kilrathi capital ship that was seen in the Wing Commander CCG and video game versions of WC3, but wasn’t seen in the PC version of WC3 itself. However it was seen in the...
  16. psych

    Jutland-class Fleet Attack Carrier

    I was recently brought on to provide Technical Advice and one of my mini-jobs is to act as a liason between the WC Saga Team and the rest of the WC Fan Community. And my first "PR" duty is to start this thread to publically unveil the latest work of WC Saga and the first of a class of new ships...
  17. psych

    Destroyer screenshot

    Hey guys, There's been a need on my end for a right-hand screenshot of the Kilrathi light destroyer (or as the novels call it, a destroyer escort) from WC3. You guys have any screenshots that might help for this?
  18. psych

    The other, but important, CIC forum members!

    Did someone issue a basic load of stupid pills lately? During the last few months, my "stupidity radar" detected a new signal of members coming in here and making posts in here during their first few minutes in the CZ which are not relevant to this Forum, reflect an utter lack of research, a...
  19. psych

    Neverending Badgers!

    Click if you dare . . . . Badgers!
  20. psych

    Wierd Ebay bidding

    Just when I didn't think Ebay can get any wackier, I come across THIS