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    WC3 reference, totally rad...

    It's been awhile since i've posted on here, but i got all excited when I heard WC3 referenced on the Totally Rad Show over at revision3. It's not much of a reference but thought i'd mention it. Also it's a couple of weeks old so this might have been posted, if sorry...
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    Nephilim Tiamat, or WC rip-off

    This is a screen grab of the third episode on the Animatrix DVD. The war between man and machine. I couldn't help but notice the similarities. This is the pic of a Tiamat from Prophecy. (which by the way, the pic. link in the ship database is base is broken.) this isn't the most...
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    Chris Reid?

    i was just doing some surfin, and found this. scary..
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    while looking through my old midi files for a good ring tone, i got the idea to use WC midi's. but i was just wondering if anybody else had the idea to use WC midi for ringtones, if so which one or what? or basically what is ur fav. WC midi?
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    Who thinks polls are stupid?

    I know I do....
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    Whats with the polls in the Main WC section?

    Whats with the polls in the Main WC section? some of them r just retarded. ie What is your Favorite Large-Carrier? Who Thinks Angel is hot ? (Both, if you like) We are your superiors Who thinks Stiletto is hot? Favorite Confed Cruiser (Kilrathi-War Era)... i stoppped...
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    hey, im sure im not the first to notice this, but Josh Lucas, the guy who played Flash in WC4 is in a movie with Reese Witherspoon. the movie is called Sweet Home Alabama. apparently, this Josh fellow has been in a few other movies, and has been getting more screen time then the guy who played...
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    If beer were a natural resource, would it be worth more than gold?
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    nephilum I'm sure that people have already discussed this before, but why did the nephilum start speaking english? when they first showed up they spoke thier own language, then they learned english, and then they spoke it. obvilously i understand why it is important for them to understand...
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    Anyone else play the guitar?

    I know someone does, as I have a really good WC theme overture(sp?). I've been playing for 6 years. I have both an accoutsic and electric. both are coincidentally Samick.
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    New Topics

    I don't know how the admins can handle it, i've been away from this board for a few months, and i've come back to find the same boring topics. the only difference, is that the signature "topic drift" is stronger than ever. any thoughts?
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    Open Source Future?

    I know many of you will ridicule me for this thread, but do u think that by the time period that WC begins, that the open source movement will have displaced MS windows? what platform do you think people will be using? I am purposely leaving out a few OSs, mainly as I don't like them.
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    John, I need your help...

    I finailly got the WCIV DVD double sided, and i get a script 112 error, doubt anyone knows what that is. John, u got it working withg ur Dxr3 in XP Pro didn't u? if so, what am i doing wrong. i tried compatibility options and everything short of a 9X dual boot.
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    Marine mod.s

    whatever happened to the Half-Life mod where one could play as a confed marine or a kilrathi? i saw the link on the CIC a while back and have not heard anything else about it. this was one mod I was looking forward to.
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    thank the CIC

    well thanks to LOAF, my site finally got added to google. by adding a news update and linking to my site, google found my site. cause no one else linked to it. admitedly, thats as my site has next to nothing on it. click the link in my sig. below and c for urself.
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    abnormal swabbie action?

    im still relatively new to the board, but it seems like we've had an abnormal number of newly demoted swabbies' as of late. is that normal, or is just abunch of arguementative people find this place and pass it on?
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    If I had $1,000,000

    I'd buy the barnaked ladies, and force them to play concerts for nothing. and buy a Rapier.:D and the kilrathia saga. and possibly a few other WC items, like the books. how about u?
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    It's not the movies...

    Some of you may remember a news post from the CIC, August 1, 1999. It Confirmed the presence of a Rapier at the Easton Town Center in Columbus Ohio. here is a pic from the CIC ]Here is the pic from the CIC[/URL] Well, I live in Columbus Ohio. The Rapier was on lease to Planet Hollywood...
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    WC:Movie, Medics

    Anyone else notice that the medics in the movie take a rediculous amount of time to repond to accendents. Even at the end, when Taggart radioed ahead for medics to meet him on the flight deck, he still had to go get them. Lazzy bastards;)
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    Titan A.E.

    I was just watching Titan A.E. on HBO, and i noticed that the terran ships had an uncanny resemblance to those of the terran confederation in WC. And I mean they look real close. They both feature fuselages with rounded or domed sections.:eek: