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    The Vesuvii post-SO

    Based on what I've read when I searched the forums for info on the Vesuvii supercarriers (is that their official classification, or are they just heavy carriers?), apparently it was the TCS St. Helens that was destroyed in Secret Ops; I always heard that it was the McKinley, 'guess my info was...
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    What makes a good fanfic?

    Besides the obvious (good writing skills and spelling and the like). Or do you think the only good fanfic is no fanfic?
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    So, I'm assuming some of you here have played it, considering 1) it's a space sim and 2) the people who made it. I know it's been out for like three years already, but I never managed to find a copy until last week at EB for four dollars. I played the hell out of it, it was really damn fun...
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    Kevin Tolwyn Redux

    Okay, so my first thread degenerated into something better-suited for PMs, but that's okay. I did get a few answers, but I still think there's a lot more to explore about this character (I've already used the search feature to find old threads regarding this topic, but I must be terrible at...
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    A few questions regarding Kevin Tolwyn...

    Hi, everyone. This is my first post here; hopefully the first of many. :) Anyway, I have a few q's about our friend Lone Wolf. Now, I know he was Geoffrey Tolwyn's nephew, he was featured often in several novels, and I believe the last time he is seen he is working for the Landreich, and...