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    Elite: Dangerous

    My apologies if anyone has posted about this before, I did a quick look and found a couple threads from years ago but nothing more recent. Is anyone else from these boards playing this game? I have been on and off for a few months now and it looks and feels awesome, kinda like what Privateer...
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    Chris Roberts extends congratulations to Elite: Dangerous team

    Don't know if this has been posted yet but it's cool enough to deserve a repost. I'm glad to see camaraderie in the space sim genre!
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    Trying to find a space sim

    I saw part of a trailer for a space sim a few days ago but I didn't see the name of it. I've been looking for it since but to no avail. Here's what I know: One of the targets that was locked was called Rezosu, it transitioned seamlessly from space to ground combat and looked very new. You pilot...
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    I beat one of Maniacs records...

    By being married for longer that 22 days :D.
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    Mark Hamill could be in Star Wars ep7!
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    Vega 1 (Some Spoilers!)

    Hey, so I'm on the first mission in Vega, I get through most of it fine but the part with the ace gets me no matter what I do, is he invincible? The first time I tried it I didn't have any missiles left but he just absorbed everything I had and killed me like it was nothing. Second time I saved...
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    Old-ish game search

    hey, I've been trying to find a game that I used to play sometime around 2000-2003. It's a 4x space game along the lines of Master of Orion but I can't remember what it's called. I remember it had a really complex economy as you had to build different buildings on ice, water, gas, rock, etc type...
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    A country song

    This isn't related to gaming or WC (hence why it's in the off-topic zone haha) but I wanted to post this video of a cover of 'Summer Wages' by Ian Tyson. I'm not sure if there are any country fans out there but this is a pretty good rendition IMO. Check it out for yourself...
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    1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die

    So I was looking around my local Chapters when I spotted this book: I started reading and came across an article on WC4: I took a couple pictures of the text with my iPhone so I can re-write it on here since its pretty blurry. Has anyone else come across this book? WC4 was the only WC game...
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    System List

    hey, I was wondering is there a list of all known systems lurking around somewhere? I know theres the WCU map that came with Prophecy but I'm looking for a text file or list that shows them all. Thanks! EDIT: Also looking for a list of all known species, especially if they have space travel...
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    Ship controls

    I downloaded the prologue and tried to play it but I cant stand the flight controls, is there a way to change them so I can use the arrow keys to fly? I'm on a laptop so there is no NumPad.
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    WC4 Hovertank

    hey, got bored today so I decided to model the hovertank from the Circe missions of WC4. Thinking about making some more ground vehicles and such and perhaps making a mod for mw2 or some such. here are some pics, no textures yet as I'm just getting back into modelling and still not very good at...
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    What's this?

    hey, so I was checkin out some sites last night and came across this, any idea what its about? Haven't found anything other than this trailer and it looks kind of fan made to me.
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    WC4 DVD quality movies

    hey guys, just started re-playing WC4 and I noticed that the movies are not the same quality I remember haha, just wondering if theres a DVD movie patch for WC4 like the one for Prophecy. Thanks!
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    Super Wing Commander

    hey, so I bought this game when I was 12 not knowing that it was only for macs and back then almost no one did however I've got a mac now and want to try out Super Wing Commander. It doesnt work at all on this comp, says something about not being able to run Classic environment so I tried DOSBox...
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    WC3 and Wc4 movies

    hey, I'm tryin to download the WC3 and WC4 movies that Queeg made from the Holovids section but all that happens when I click the download link is it opens in Windows Media Player and doesnt give me the option of saving, how do I download the file itself?
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    Richard Garriot officiates first space wedding

    Kinda interesting, found it while surfing through universetoday.
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    How much to sell?

    hey all, Im looking to sell my old ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128 Meg and Im wondering how much would be a fair price? its a few years old but hardly used. thanks
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    Help with texturing

    hey all, I need some help with texturing, I want to create a metal texture to use on my models that actually looks like metal and not just a grey colour that I've used in the past. does anyone have any advice on how to go about this? I'm learning how to use Photoshop. Thanks!
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    Need Texturer

    hey guys, I've got a few models that I need textured, I tried to do them myself but my computer artistic skills are severely lacking. if anyone is interested I can send them the models and reference pics. the models are WC2 Kilrathi Starbase, WC2 Confed Starbase, WC4 Axius Starbase, and WC4...