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    HCl's multiplayer Prophecy news has got me all excited. So much that I've started doing something I don't usually do; make a game model. The ultimate goal here is to get this eventually into the vision engine. So far, here's what I got... not much yet. No texturing, just the bare mesh.
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    Confed Handbook Confusion

    Chris Reid had suggested I get ahold of the Confederation handbook a while back when I was looking for some reference for the wc movie ships, so after a bit of ebay trouble I was able to get one. Some of the best reference available, really cool stuff. But as I was reading through some of the...
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    Wing Commander Animated Series

    Well, here is some recent work from the upcoming Wing Commander Animated Series... "Wing Commander: Vega". I hope that you guys enjoy them, and any comments are greatly appreciated, good or bad. A year ago I released a few concept pieces and got alot of feedback from the wing commander...
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    WC Animated Serial Update

    Just wanted to let people who are interested know that the animated series is coming along nicely. I'm in the middle of moving at the moment, but by next week I should be all ready to keep working on it. I've been considering releasing some more screenshots, but I want it to be a surprise when...
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    Just wanted to post about the CIC frontpage news update screen shots... Excellent. I cannot wait to be able to play Standoff. Beautiful work.
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    WC Animated Serial Concepts

    Here are some of my final concept shots for the WC Animated Serial project. I think I've finally got the way the space combat animation will look all worked out. It's a merging of tradition animation and cgi. I'm just wondering what people think of the style, or even the project? A squadron...
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    Extract WC2 cut scenes

    Hey, is there any way to extract the cut scenes from wing commander 2?
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    Hey, I've been using a P166 with 16 MB RAM as a "Wing Commander" computer of sorts to play some of the older games, and I just bought another one for pretty damn cheap with the intention of setting up a network between the two to play Armada's "Proving Grounds"... The only problem is I...
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    Appeal to the Flight Recorders (cont)

    Sorry, about that thread closing, I wasn't paying attention... Some of the missing wc3 scenes could be implemented as well, like the newsbriefs, that would be pretty cool.
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    Vampire Movies...

    Well, I just watched "Fright Night" again last night, so I'm in the mood for some cool Vampire Movies... Anybody have any favorites from over the years? Or any they REALLY disliked? ;)
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    A-17 Broadsword Model Released

    Well, this model isn't my finest work, and I did do it rather rushed, so I can see about a million things I would like to change already... But here are the test shots of the final mesh. If Tolwyn would like to put it up for download on his WC3D site, I have no problems with it being freely...
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    The bengal

    Well guys, thought I'd give you all another little glimpse of what I've been working on.... believe me, it will definitely be impressive.... here's a test shot (work in progress) of a bengal class strike carrier. Enjoy, and feel free to comment etc...
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    The Rapier

    I'm looking for a 3D model of a WC2-style Rapier for reference... can anybody help me out?
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    Lexington may have reached Kilrah?

    Just a thought... Is it possible that the TCS Lexington (WCArm) actually reached Kilrah? It would be an explanation as to how Angel and a group of fighter pilots were captured... maybe she was assigned to that Special Ops team.
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    WC3 confusion

    Hey there, It seems to me that the Hellcat's guns as listed in the victory streak's stats are different from the in-game version... is it just me? And does anybody know what they were in-game?
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    Just a random thought... Are there ANY female Wingnuts?! it seems to me that most of the posters here fall under the testosterone column...
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    Jumping in

    Hey guys, here's another one... This time it's my Confederation class model, the TCS Markham making the jump in-sys. Comments? Critiques? Complaints?
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    Hey, you guys might be interested in this little still scene I made tonight while trying out some stuff. The Hellcat was modelled by Alan Hart, and the Phantom was done by myself, and then modified to give them both quite a similar feel. Tell me what you think?
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    Hey there. Just wondering if there's anybody around who knows how to manipulate the secret ops engine and is willing to help me out with some stuff? It would really be appreciated!:)
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    Confederation Class

    Figured I might as well put this up here, see what everybody thinks. I've only put a few days worth of work into her, and I have more completed, just haven't rendered some more shots yet... It's the front section for my *soon to be completed* Confederation class... a slightly more realistic...