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  1. Tarquinn

    Admiral Tolwyn

    Does anyone know where I can find some good screencaps of Admiral Tolwyn from WC3/4? Thanks much. :)
  2. Tarquinn

    So... why is there...

    ... a picture of Elisabeth 'Shadow' Norwood on the back of the box of the first Wing Commander game? She didn't even appear in the game. Or is my memory that bad...? Admittedly, it could be another person with callsign 'Shadow', but it would be quite a coincidence, don't you think? So...
  3. Tarquinn

    Wing Commander 2 in WinXp

    A few years ago I bought the WC2 Deluxe Edition. I was completly unable to run this game on my old Win98 machine. I upgraded to WinXp some time ago and gave it another try. Now it actually runs. A little bit fast perhaps, but that can be fixed easily. However, I encountered a common...
  4. Tarquinn

    Privateer 2: The Darkening

    Hello all, I got a question regarding Privateer 2. Does it take place in the established WC (Kilrathi, Confederation etc.) universe? If yes, when or where? Several years/centuries in the furure? In a completly different part of the galaxy, with no contact to the Confederation? It's...