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    J.J. Abrams To Direct 'Star Trek XI'

    Well, I'm just glad that TNG is finally stepping into its grave. I mean, how long can you trot out the same characters for twenty years and have them all inexplicably thrown into the same situation even after they all moved on after TNG? As usual in this sort of thing, I find myself as the...
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    Fun, pleasure, enjoyment

    I so totally agree on Pris.
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    Joystick Problem in Priv2 in winXP

    Well, open up your dark.cfg file. It should be in the directory you installed Priv2 in. If I remember correctly, the values for each axis go from -65.000 or so to +65,000 or so. If one value seems off base compared to the other on the same axis, edit it to be closer. Now, those values could...
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    Joystick Problem in Priv2 in winXP

    You might also try messing with the x and y axis values directly in the dark.cfg file.
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    Wing Commander II scores 50 on IGN

    I'm sorry, but I have to question the validity of any "best games ever" list if they decide to include sports games that come out every single year. Some sports incarnations are hitting 15-20 years now, so how can any of them be considred the greatest?
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    Kilrathi Saga (WC3) "crash" on WinXP

    Try talking to Flash, and then click on Main Terminal or the Simulator before you go to the briefing. When you exit the Terminal/Simulator, Flash will be gone and hopefully you will be able to go to the briefing trouble-free.
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    New Microwave Tips

    If you go to estate sales, you can get microwaves really cheap.
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    "Learn something new every day"

    Today I learned that though I'm from the midwest and speak with the same accent that national newscasters have, I apparently "talk funny."
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    Operation Flashpoint 2

    I hope the sequel sticks with the large scale conflict of the first one. There've been a lot of rumors about OFP 2 being about combating terrorism, which would be awful in my opinion. The first Flashpoint was all about teams, but terrorism is very small scale conflict, which reduces things to...
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    What's Your Favorite Video Game?

    The end boss looked like Hitler because he was supposed to be Hitler. In the Japanese version, he is Hitler, and the eagle symbols have swastikas above them, and the enemies aren't called "the Badds." And it's a lot easier to get a higher life bar if you hang out in an area that has soldiers...
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    What's Your Favorite Video Game?

    I like Galaga. And Bionic Commando, and Operation Flashpoint is pretty sweet too.
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    Wing Commander Petition

    That's OK. You don't like the Irish, and we don't like you. Perhaps we can settle our differences with a petition of some sort?
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    Seeking GTA Vice City technical help

    Actually, you get that with a lot of integrated motherboards. It's an excellent cost-saving device when you're turning out a few hundred computers to sell as business desktops that will never be upgraded, but it sucks if you own one at home.
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    Fave Ship?

    Thunderbolt. There's no way you can argue with those guns. They'll knock you flat every time, whether you happen to be a fighter or a capital ship. The fact that they have the same amount of missiles as a Hellcat plus a torpedo to boot is only icing on the cake.
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    Language used for Wing Commander Prophecy/Secret Ops source codes

    Not only that, but it's also like he's asking what internal combustion is. Should Kelly pull this off, my hat is also off, and I would urge him/her to join one of the current Wing Commander mods being developed.
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    Revised ships

    Oh, use a little imagination. Jeez. As resolutions increased and game engines got more advanced, Origin made things look better. You can still tell what it is, right? Then that's what counts.
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    Meson, Reaper MIA?

    Sorry, that was poor phrasing on my part. It's just a theory I've got here, nothing more. Perhaps the programmers did the ion guns first and just made them the standard gun when they realized how many more weapons they had to make?
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    Meson, Reaper MIA?

    Well, there's two reasons. One, because the guns are expensive and it aided Confed to consolidate their weaponry to just a few types, and two because game programmers got lazy and didn't have to invent a new gun when one already existed.
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    Epee or Ferret

    Good Lord are Epees awful. Give me a Ferret, and I'll give you a clean sector. Missiles or not.
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    SM for DOS download

    You can't. Not legally, anyhow.