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    If I find a copy of Armada, anybody know how I can play it online?
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    Flight Tactics

    A thread dedicated souly to the art of war in WC!:cool: Just wanted to post my flying style and pick everyone's brain on their's. *When I'm flying solo and come up against a wing of cats, I like to shoot a missle at one of the wing-men and gun for the second one, trying to take him down...
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    Never played WC2

    At least, not all the way through. So my question is, who survived the Tiger's Claw's destruction, and how?
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    Howdy! I'm new here, and thought I would introduce myself through a humorous story. I was flying a standard diamond patrol in a Scimitar (WC1). The last patrol I flew I was forced to eject, and while recieved the golden-sun for ejecting and surviving, Colonel Haylcon gave me a stern...