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    Best movie quote

    The funniest quotes come from the "edited for tv" movies. Die Hard: "Yippie-Ki-Yi-Yay, Mini-Fourwheel!"
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    Who hates cats? Do cats exist here?

    No, one makes a meal, the other a snack. But both's is gooood eatins!
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    Real Life Mandarins

    I think you can... ...just make sure it isn't an age of apathy. I don't speak for everyone here, but I don't think you are a bad guy. I hope we are at a point where we listened and heard what each one of us had to say (I know I paid you that consideration). Make sure they are your...
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    Original Wing Commander

    Arn't those steam-powered? :D
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    Best movie quote

    Or "You must cut down the mightiest tree in the forest with... a herring!"
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    Concordia's Captain

    Giddyup, my children.
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    Favorite Wing Commander Movie Scene

    I think the flight scenes were done very well, and I think they got the right guy to play young Maniac.
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    Real Life Mandarins

    Pardon me as well, but when did god give you the almighty power to judge the souls of the dead? I think it's at least worth a try. Why jump into a war at the cost of american lives when we can possibly neutralize the threat diplomaticly? Funny joke, Tanaka. :D
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    Funniest moment

    Yes, but you forgot BABAR, the beloved children's cartoon elephant. :D
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    Real Life Mandarins

    I did. Since 1998, when U.N. inspectors were expelled, Iraq has almost certainly been working to build more chemical and biological weapons, --Washington Post editorial, 8/4/02 What's your point? :confused: If we had inspectors in Iraq, we would know if Iraq had NBC weapons. It...
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    Best movie quote

    No. :(
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    Real Life Mandarins

    1)Yes, I have registered. 2)No, I won't dodge a draft. On that note, did you agree with motives for the Persian Gulf War? Anyway, the reasons to go into Iraq are overwhelming. To name the flavor of the week, Iraq may possess weapons of mass destruction. Of course, we're not sure. Let's ask...
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    Who hates cats? Do cats exist here?

    That isn't exactly true. My cat follows me everywhere.
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    2 Things I Noticed...

    It's "Private Eye", as in "Peeper" (1930's slang for a P.I. [P.I.:the anagram for a Shamus {which is, by the way, 40's slang for P.I.} [I thought I said that!] {No, you explained what a Peeper is} (No, that was me) {Oh, right. Then what'd you do?} [I can't remember...] ([{Screw it!}]).
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    Who hates cats? Do cats exist here?

    That's what I like about cats. They're good pets and make a great Mu Shu Chicken.
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    Scariest moment

    First time I saw that ending, I look to the left and just saw these two hands. The last thing I expected the kilirathi to do was give Blair a complementary foot-massage. :D
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    I'm off to China

    Bye Bye!
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    Scariest moment

    That isn't scary, it's fun. :) The first time I saw that ending I actually laughed because I immediatly saw the stagehands holding up Mark Hamill when Thrakhath is gutting him. (If you don't belive me, check his feet when he's hoisted up in the air). The scariest moment in WC? Did I ever...
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    Answer me this time please people..

    Hmm, Hadn't considered that. On that note, anybody know if the Claw had catapaults?
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    If Hobbes hadn't been the traitor...

    If you want the "real-life perspective" just don't factor in Vaquero. As for everything else: that Hobbes' is a spy is obvious at this point, the intel he gained about the T-Bomb is on the pad in your hands, and even if he didn't transmit it, he has it filed away in the space between his ears...