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    Master of Orion

    I've heard, recently, about this Master of Orion game-sounds kinda like a mix between Civilization/WC Armada. I was actually wondering if anyone has played it before (either the first or second one), as I've only heard a little bit about it, I'd like to know more. Since it sounds like a good...
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    WC Politics

    I was wondering if anyone had any answers to any of the following quick questions: Was the Border Worlds Union an extension, or merger, with the Landreich? Or were they 2 seperate governments? If they were 2 seperate groups, what were their feelings towards each other? How are the...
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    I was actually hoping to do a dual post here: A) I've just started reading the novels (I've played the games, just not read the novels! Don't stone me to death! :) ) And was hoping someone could give me a list of the order they go in. B)What is everyone's favorite novel out of the WC series?