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    Patreon Hacked

    For those who haven't read it, Patreon was hacked earlier this week or last week. The information taken has been posted online. While passwords and payment data were either hashed or not stored, the real extent of this hack is that members identities, both giving and receiving are now public...
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    Generation Xbox - How Videogames Invaded Hollywood - WC Movie Reference

    Well, I was reading this book "Generation Xbox: How Videogames Invaded Hollywood" and came across an interesting background in the WC movie (if you have the book, it's pages 154-160). The book's gist is about Videogames and movies - both as movies based on videogames, videogames based on...
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    Xbox360 - Texas Hold'Em Free for 48 hours

    For anyone who has an Xbox 360 - before Friday 8AM PT, the Texas Hold'Em Xbox Live Arcade game is completely *FREE*. You don't need a Gold subscription either - silver gets it free as well. If you don't make it in time, it's gonna cost 800 MS points. Get it while you can!
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    Counting 20 posts for word game

    Those too lazy to count, here's the way to participate in the word game thread without counting and without getting banned by following the rules. When you post, note the post number (e.g., mine was #10003). Add 20. Don't post until the last post count is equal to that number. Saves counting...
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    "American Fighter Pilot" Now on DVD

    A little more than 3 years ago, there was a TV show on CBS called "AFP: American Fighter Pilot". CBS canned it after 2 episodes, and a number of us have rallied for a DVD of the entire miniseries (8, but combined to 7, episodes). Well, it turns out that it's now available on DVD from...
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    Sometimes you really ought to check six...

    Cute flying story of the day (happened to me). At the airport, there was a crew busy setting up a dedication of a centotaph for V-E day (the airport I fly from is an ex-RCAF base), so there was a lot of people in front of the FBO. Anyhow, I went up and did my airwork that I needed to do...
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    Enterprise Season 4 - This Will Be GOOD!

    Braga's stepping down from showrunner to let someone else lead for season 4 of Enterprise. This bodes well.
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    Yay, first solo!

    It''s officially a bad time to fly on the weekends :D. Just managed my first solo flight today (after 21 accumulated hours)... now *that* was exciting. Guess I'll be buying a round of beers at the officer's bar now... oops! :p
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    High Res Audio, but original Midi gone?

    This was brought up when someone I knew wrote a nifty MIDI synth that worked great, and I went around hunting for some MIDIs to play. Naturally, I remembered the CIC had some, and the good ones were converted to MP3 as well, so I can compare his synth to the "true" synth. Alas, I visit the...
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    KS - CD 4 corrupt

    I'm the lucky owner of Kilrathi Saga, but when I scanned the CDs for errors, I had a lot of trouble reading CD 4. Cleaning it, I could read more of it, but I still have trouble reading the WC3MUSIC.TRE file. Actually, I can't read beyond that file (but I'm assuming it's the last file to be...
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    Good, or ripoff?

    Wonder what kind of profit this guy is making...
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    No Prophecy GBA in Canada?

    OK, I visited EB again today and asked for Prophecy on GBA. Nada. Not even in the computers, or as an upcoming release. However, they appear to have heard of it, which is good (probably from all the game magazines around them). Wonder if anyone else is carrying it...
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    Thanks a lot...

    For posting that helmet news article. There goes my chance of getting it for a good price... :) I wondered why it shot up in price recently.
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    Ship Sim...

    Don't know how many of you guys have seen this: Space Combat It's basically a spaceship simulator. It's from the guy that does X-Plane (if you're familiar with that flight sim). So now, I wonder, who's going to model all the ships in it to see how they really fly...
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    Time to act like a cadet and ask stupid questions! (Then again, I couldn't find it with search...). :D Is there an easier way to browse the portraits than scanning through the news articles? (i.e., is there a nice page where they're all linked)?
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    Which to read first...

    OK, I've got a whole slew of WC books coming (let's say I went nuts, and leave it at hat). They've just started arriving, so right now, in my possession, I've got End Run, Fleet Action, and The Price of Freedom. Still to come are Action Stations, Heart of a Tiger, Pilgrim Stars (any day...
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    WCIV Hidden Video - corrupt?

    I tried a search, but came up empty. I tried to grab from the files page, but when I open it up, it opens fine in WinZip, but extracting/testing it returns errors. Anyone else have this issue?