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  1. Tolwyn

    We need your help - "Indie of the Year" Award

    Attention, wingnuts! There may have been no updates the past few months, but that doesn't mean that there's nothing going on. A few days ago, Wing Commander Saga has been nominated for the 3rd annual Indie of the Year award, a celebration of the best independent games released in 2012. We have...
  2. Tolwyn

    The Darkest Dawn is Cleared for Launch

    At long last, the day has finally arrived! It has been ten years to the day that the Wing Commander Saga project was officially founded. Through this time, Saga has evolved through a host of iterations, with sometimes frustrating twists and turns and several brick walls. However, we believe that...
  3. Tolwyn

    Known Issues

    Shader support: Saga requires a 3D card with Shader 3.0 support. Some features, like normal maps, will not work if the computer fails to meet this requirement. ATI compatibility: Current ATI drivers contain a bug that prevents certain shaders from compiling correctly. Normals maps will not work...
  4. Tolwyn

    "Launch Trailer" now available

  5. Tolwyn

    Trailer Released!

    You are cleared to launch, Wing Commander. Wing Commander Saga: The Darkest Dawn has been in development for a decade. You have all been waiting for a long time, and so have we. The wait is finally over. The Wing Commander Saga team is happy to present you with the final Wing Commander Saga...
  6. Tolwyn

    "Let's play" series

    It's been a while. Sorry about that. As we draw closer to the release, I'll try to keep you (yes, all three of you) up to date on recent developments. We've teamed up with Rurikhan for one of his fantastic "let's play" videos and the end result is (I may come across as a little biased here) ...
  7. Tolwyn


    For this week's update, we would like to show you our latest work on the most advanced fighter available in Wing Commander Saga: the Excalibur. This model was created by limdaepl. We have used the highest detail official Origin Excalibur models as our guide, and we have tried our best to stay...
  8. Tolwyn

    ConFleet Intelligence Scout

    One of the most well-known Terran vessels encountered in WC2 is the civilian Free Trader, which in some cases, is much more then meets the eye. One of these special cases is the infamous Bonnie Heather, which was in reality a high-tech special operations ship captained by James "Paladin"...
  9. Tolwyn

    Cockpits Redux

    For this week’s update, we would like to give you a sneak preview of the Longbow cockpit. Although cockpits weren’t included in the prologue campaign, they will be available in the upcoming full release. We have tried to stay as faithful as possible to the original cockpit designs, as seen in...
  10. Tolwyn

    New Poll & Personality Test

    Our last poll asked which fighter from the Prologue is your favorite. The Hellcat V won by a slim margin. The Thunderbolt VII finished in a close second place Today's new poll asks which character in Wing Commander Saga: Prologue is your favorite: Assassin, Champ, Kettle, Ninja, Panzer...
  11. Tolwyn

    Concordia is gone

    Today we are honored to premier Klavs' rendered image of the wrecked hull of the TCS Concordia lying half submerged in the waters off the Mistral Coast. Pictures speak better than words, so check it out below - it's a real beauty! We have also included the source image from the Wing Commander 3...
  12. Tolwyn


    For this weeks update, we would like to round off our presentation of Wing Commander 2 Confed fighter models created by Klavs and highlight his rendition of the Sabre! The Sabre was one of the best heavy fighters ConFleet put into service during the late 2650's, matching well with the Jalkehi...
  13. Tolwyn

    Paktahn bomber

    For today's update we would like to showcase our final version of the Kilrathi Paktahn bomber. The Kilrathi Paktahn is similar to the Confederation Longbow by virtue of its torpedo attack capabilities. With multiple missile hardpoints and an impressive array of guns, this bomber can engage...
  14. Tolwyn

    New Saga Rapier!

    We're making steady progress, and it's unbelievable watching everything coming together. With our last big review of the game, we picked up some real solid forward momentum. Still, sometimes it feels like we're taking two steps forward and one, two or even three steps back. That's really...
  15. Tolwyn

    NEWS: Ingame Cutscenes

    For this week's update, the Wing Commander Saga team would like to showcase one of our in-game cutscenes. The following series of screenshots illustrates the "fleet jumping" cutscenes that are familiar to Wing Commander fans and that will play a transitional role in Saga's story, as well.
  16. Tolwyn

    RELEASE: Relive the Glory Days with New Autopilot Feature

    The Wing Commander Saga team is happy to announce a breakthrough. We have finally found a way to implement Wing Commander-style autopilot sequences in Saga. Gone are the days of long, time-accelerated trips. Now, Saga has the ability to offer the flyby sequences that were a central part of the...
  17. Tolwyn

    Mission editor and hosting for custom missions

    Several people have expressed an interest in a mission editor for Wing Commander Saga. As a response to that interest, we encourage those who want to create misisons to download both the mission editor and the original FS2 FRED tutorial to help any who are interested in learning how to use it...
  18. Tolwyn

    Labels, Press, and Progress

    For our update this week, we have several things we would like to share with you. First, we are happy to provide you with a DVD case cover that we have created for the WC Saga prologue. We know that for many people having a customized case add to the experience of having a game, so we have made...
  19. Tolwyn

    REQUEST: Voice acting!

    With the Prologue campaign finished, we're need more voices to round out our voice talent. Previous voice work for another mod is preferred, but not required. Candidates should be serious and be able to sound like someone in their 20s. Openings are for miscellaneous ships and roles, with a...
  20. Tolwyn

    Prologue for Mac OS X Released!

    There it is: Mac OS X version of the Wing Commander Saga Prologue is available for download! If you experience any problems, please notify us immediately. It should be noted that we have moved our resources to a new high speed server. Our domain will be transfered to our new host shortly...