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    WCTOO: Phase 6

    Hi Everyone, So it has been a while since my last big coding update, and I also know both Game 5 and Game 7 have been fairly stagnant. That said, I did learn the lessons I needed to from those two games. Game 5 has pointed out a number of flaws with the UI in relation to large maps. I...
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    Calling All Pilots: Game 7 and 8 Announcements

    Greetings Everyone, With capital ships now feature-complete, it is time to announce 2 new test games. Meanwhile, I believe Game 5 will continue pointing out some of the limitations of the large-format maps which I haven't worked around, and Game 6 will continue to be used by me alone for Cap...
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    Ship Pop-up Window Closing Behaviour

    Hi guys, I know for a while that the 'mouse-out to close' behaviour of the popups has annoyed some of you. I've always left it in because it was a consistent way for the ship windows to appear and disappear as necessary, but also to allow you to move them around and close them on demand. With...
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    Alpha Test Game 5

    Game 5 is now on! Welcome to all our new testers! For new and old, we're mostly here to have fun, but we also want to find bugs and test features. Hopefully you can keep up to date on this thread to know about bugs that are found, fixed, etc. If you do find something you think is a bug, it is...
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    Alpha Game 5 Pre-Start Announcement

    Hi Everyone, As the system can easily handle multiple games at once, the main reason we aren't doing that is such that I may track the errors and bugs more closely. That said, Game 4 is starting to wind down; I'd give it 5-6 more turns at most. As such, I'm using this thread to announce the...
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    Alpha Test Game 4

    Since Game 3 is winding down, I am now taking declarations of ship requests for a 4th game. Hopefully I'll be able to work in more updates so there are still things to test and fix. to make things interesting, we're going to do this a bit more fairly than last time. Everyone gets 10...
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    Alpha Test Game 3

    Hi Everyone, Announced over in the game development and bugs thread, we're going to start a final 'Alpha Testing' game before we move into beta testing. We're looking for volunteers who want to mess around with WCTOO blowing each other to pieces, while helping us do core testing. As this is...
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    Computer-Aided WCTO -> Timeline Update

    It is time for a re-evaluation of the road-map: So we're wrapping up phase4 right now. Some features were kicked out, temporarily, to push for a beta. As we all know, those include most capital ship weapons, tailing, friendly fire, line of sight, and asteroids. We also haven't...
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    Computer-Aided WCTO Progress Updates

    Greetings Everyone. Some key points from the general posting thread are copied below, to act as an index for you! These were the initially proposed phases: Phase 1: Establish a working, static html/css board which successfully overlays the grid on a background, and puts ships in grid cells...
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    Creating a computer-aided version of WCTO

    We should probably split off into a new thread for this, but i'll start here anyway. What is stopping (aside from coding time) implementing this on the web? I know right now you appear to be using flash, but based on the turn-wise updating, couldn't this be done with a combination of...
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    Checking In

    Pilot Avacar here. Just curious if there was to be a new WTCO scenario anytime soon, or if any of my old opponents are out there and interested in finishing the on-going scenarios...
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    Chaff Pods

    If 2 ships are on the same square, and a missile is approaching 1 ship, can the other launch a chaff pod to distract it (angles of the various ships vs. approaching missile allowing such a thing)?
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    Line of Sight vs. Line of Fire

    Hey everyone, I sent Ironduke an email (during the April Fools joke, I couldn't post), this was our conversation: So my question is: shouldn't ships block line of fire? Sure, if you miss the ship in front, there's a chance you hit the ship behind.. but a 'hit' roll on the ship in front...
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    rules: Destroyer turning

    With a turn rate of 1/2, do we declare 1 turn in advance that we are turning the destroyer? Or can we turn now, and then take 2 turns before we can turn again, more like a refire rate?
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    Flak Range

    Wow, where did this Flak range of 10 come from? That would have significantly impacted Scenario 1. Was it changed because after the scenario you felt the flak was too far out? My only concern with a flak range of 10 is that it is very close the the torpedo lock range of 12... meaning...
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    WCTO Manual

    Hey Ironduke, looking over the new manual, I really like the new figure on page 8, it adds a lot of clarity to missiles. Another comment that struck me: you have the 'Taking Down Missiles' section before 'Dodge This: Launching Missiles'. For logical reasons, it might be worth reordering...