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    Speed Runs

    Okay...I know it's been a while since I've been here, but I'm shocked no one has ever really gotten into this. Why no WC speed runs? Admittedly, the later WC games don't seem that speed-runnable. They're really less about the gameplay and more about the cutscenes. The most obvious game to do...
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    WC1 Era Kilrathi Corvettes?

    Do any exist, mentioned in a book I haven't read, or SWC, or anything similar? A quick browse through the Ships Database yielded nothing so I figured I'd just post to see if any were known to be in service.
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    Landreich Republic

    Hey all. For some reason this has been on my mind lately - where can I find more info on the Landreich? I've seen almost nothing about them before, aside from the bits in the CIC database, and the odd mention by a bartender in Privateer...
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    Plot Mission Problem

    Okay...I didn't realize the fact that you lose all active missions when you save your game. Nasty bug, but it's the Vega Strike engine, what do you expect? :p Anyway, is there any way I can resume my mission? It's the second of Tayla's missions, the first one you fly out of Oakham. I still have...
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    Help Finding Helmet Graphics

    Hey guys, I have a really neat photo editing project I'm doing for my girlfriend for Valentines' day, but there's a catch. I need some helmet graphics, like the ones for commo screens only in colour. Does anyone know where I could fetch one of these up? I need one at a straight-on angle -...