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  1. J

    Progress Update #2

    So the deadline/milestone we've been fighting at work is finally over! It was suppose to be done last week, but some unexpected bugs prevented us from kicking it out the door. This weekend I actually didn't go into work, though, so I was able to finally make some progress. I've got Windows...
  2. J

    Progress Update

    I know Howie promised you all a progress update from me. Recently, the progress has been fairly good. Last few weeks, I have been fighting two deadlines, however. One at work and one on Pioneer. Unfortunately, the one at work takes precedence and has delayed my original projection. The...
  3. J

    An update on the editor

    Hi everyone! Want to start off by again thanking everyone for their patience! Work has still been progressing, but there have been delays on my end because of classes/exams. I'm really happy with how things have been going, however. The editor is now working quite nicely for handling all...
  4. J

    Progress Update

    Hi again, Things have been progressing very well these last two weeks. Howard has been continuing to pump out amazing artwork. As for me, I've switched gears to work on the editor as well as a much-needed asset manager. With the amount of artwork we now have, it was getting very hard to...
  5. J

    First Pioneer Demo Delayed

    Greetings everyone! I'm afraid that despite our immense efforts, we are not going to make the deadline of Feb. 1st. The demo itself is all but complete except for a few minor details, which will be done by the deadline. However, the reason for the delay is so that we can spend some extra...