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    I've been mucking around with the WC maps recently (printing out, examining, etc). I notice in the Avalon System, Challenger Quadrant that Baroda, Sheol and "Deep Space" appear. I know these come from the story in the Privateer manual, but I was wondering why they've all been included as...
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    Map glitch

    Hi. I've noticed an error in the the universe map. In Gemini sector, Humboldt quadrant, this map shows a jump line between Troy and Pollux. That's incorrect - the jump line is between Troy and War in Farris quadrant instead. That's how it is in Privateer, and I notice that in the published map...
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    Is this viable?

    Hokai. I'm trying to get Privateer, Privateer 2, Armada, Strike Commander and\or any other miscellaneous DOS games I have running under XP. So far, the most promising solution seems to be this. The problem is that, apparently, whatever this OS is it doesn't like NTFS and so can't find my hard...
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    Wing Commander Movie

    To avoid all confusion, I'll make clear the purpose of this post right here at the top: I thought the Wing Commander movie was an absolute travesty, but from what I understand many WC fans disagree. Basically, I'd like to know why. I'm honestly not looking for a flamewar, although some of this...