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    WC3 Kilrathi Saga WinXP

    Process monitor log here. It's 6.23 mb compressed, something like 43 uncompressed. It's a log of everything going on while running WC3KS, not just WC3KS itself, in case something else is screwing it up. I've been playing around with the compatibility tool some more, and I've found ways to...
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    WC3 Kilrathi Saga WinXP

    I can supply a process monitor logfile if it'll help. I can't see anything suspect in it, but I'm not really an expert :/
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    WC3 Kilrathi Saga WinXP

    Sorry for the bump, I figured it would be better to keep related info in one thread. I'm trying to get WC3 KS to work on my Win XP machine. The intro cutscene runs fine and, after setting Windows 95 compatability on WC3W.EXE, I can get into the game. However, the game freezes at random...
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    Wing commander 3 demo

    Hey, it worked! That's a wierd one, I really wasn't expecting that to work. Thanks for the help. By the way, it seems to have worked to set it to cylces=7000 just for the setup thing, which it seems to save. If I get into the program again, it bypasses that setup thing, so it seems to be...
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    Wing commander 3 demo

    I was about to post exactly this question, but I thought I'd do a search first and see if anyone else was getting a crash-to-dos, in DOSBox, with the message "exception 0 occured" when running the WC3 demo. This thread was the only search result. Um... I don't suppose anyone's come up with...
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    I've been mucking around with the WC maps recently (printing out, examining, etc). I notice in the Avalon System, Challenger Quadrant that Baroda, Sheol and "Deep Space" appear. I know these come from the story in the Privateer manual, but I was wondering why they've all been included as...
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    The Greatest Gun

    Turreted neutron guns (Broadsword\Sabre\Crossbow).
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    Ship Names, Political Ramifications

    Excellent. Thanks. I had no idea where the name came from. (actually, for a while I kept misreading it as "Taworra", which for some reason reminds me of some kind of Australian flora...)
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    It fine runs under DOSBox on my machine. Well, actually the joystick isn't working but other than that... Remember to set ems=false in dosbox.conf if you decide to use it.
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    Batting .500

    Afaik, the Claw detoured briefly to attack a Kilrathi transport on the way to Goddard (I seem to remember that you fly that mission). She would never have made it in time anyway, but I think that was one of the reasons that Jazz was so angry. To extend your analogy: it was as if the cop was next...
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    What would make it a great year for Wing Commander?

    A good fan-made multiplayer WC game would be good. I always thought a WC-themed Allegiance mod would be cool.
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    Ship Names, Political Ramifications

    To change the subject slightly: what syllable is the inflection on in "Tarawa"? For some reason I keep thinking it's "taRAwa", which is difficult to pronounce...
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    Personally, I'd avoid Armada unless you have human opponents to play against or don't mind "expending" the game, so to speak. I say that because the AI is terrible. The gameplay concept works quite well. It's a territory-based strategy game, which always makes for better strategic play than a...
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    The Lamest Insults Ever

    The fifty millionth time you hear "Oi em the grrrim reepah", "Ay prretty boy! Kiss moi arse!" or the other incoherent garbage the pirates babble at you is enough to make you want to rupture your eardrums with a pencil. Or someone's eardrums, at least. But come to think of it, that applies to...
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    Where to get Secret Ops

    Er... is this stickied thread no longer accurate, then?
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    Favourite character

    One of the things that makes Hebrew such a nice language.... Anyway, I liked the guy from Strike Commander.
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    Switch on invulnerability or unlimited ammo. Either will automatically fail any missions you have active if enabled for any flight time during the mission.
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    I am Hopeless

    Each radar upgrade does very specific stuff. The manual pretty much explains it. The Iris range are all grey, the Hunter series are blue\red friend of foe coloured, the B&S series are full colour. In each series the cheapest has no target lock, the middle one has target lock and the third has...
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    The Lamest Insults Ever

    Fatcat: Clearly you've never played Privateer 2.
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    Ship Speeds

    Like I said: you can hear the explosion if you're flying through the fireball, which is exactly the scenario you're describing. Beyond that you can't.