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    Alpha Test Game 7

    Currently unable to issue orders. "Remaining Transmissions" is listed as 8 but everyone is in the left hand column and green, like they already issued their orders. Game 5 has been working fine, using Firefox 11.
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    Ramscoops and Tankers

    Wing Commander 2 was the last (?) game where tankers are evident. They are also the last game without evident ramscoops on the majority of the ships (the Gilgamesh has some over-wing ports with red dots that seem similar). I know from fiction (End Run, Fleet Action) that ramscoops were common...
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    Vesuvius hangar layout

    According to WCPedia, the Vesuvii had multiple redundant hangar decks. Does anyone have an idea how these were laid out? There is the obvious large passthrough deck that looks like it's large enough to land a destroyer in... were there also separate launch facilities like you see on the Bengal...
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    Modeling discussion?

    I was curious if some of the more experienced modelers were open to discuss technique and method... less of a specific-program or a specific-problem line and more best practices and a professional approach to the art. My leading question(s): when modeling complex objects, and with an eye to...
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    More WC goodies for sale

    Having recently found a place at a great used computer store I have been running across the odd bit of WC here or there. If someone has something they're looking for to complete their collection and/or try out, please PM me and let me know so I can keep an eye out for it. things I've found...
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    Local WC finds

    I'm not a collector or a Mac user, but I found some things in a local store that might be of interest to people looking to round out their collections. -WC3 in the tin, doesn't have the shirt, but the ships ID pamphlet and the Victory Streak are in there, along with the four gamediscs and the...
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    Fun stuff relating to RF

    I've not played RF before, and I've only got a little free time left on my break before I have to put the Remake away for a while. Got an eyeful of some of the neat little inclusions you put in but I'm so far unable to find them. I just finished Privateer classic, and I don't remember all that...
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    "Space Salvage"

    recovering cargo: if you accidentally eject the Artifact during a mission, it comes back in as Space Salvage. Is there a way to get it IDed, or does the game track it as being the artifact anyway and you shouldn't worry about it, or does it even matter if you have the Artifact with you?
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    Grand idea?

    There's something this pack begs for: multiplayer. It'd be cool to have 10-40 player servers for persistent universe gameplay, or even better some way to implement chosen equipment and locations for confed v. kilrathi brawls. I've got no clue where to start here, but I'm looking.
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    poll: Kilrathi or Firekkan? I'm at a loss... this was originally intended to be an earlier Kilrathi fighter (shieldless and fast) but it came out looking Firekkan. I added some jaggies and "fangs" to enhance the predatory look... let me know what you...
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    Early Human heavy fighter
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    Pre-WC Kilrathi design (very WIP)

    Since y'all are impatient for eyecandy (maybe better compared to crackers in this case...), pictures first off. Sorry for the raw post, but I dont have time to polish and look up proper URL tags. First incarnation
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    WC4 MAC redistribution?

    Not sure if this is the proper place for the topic, so please move it if needed. Anyway... rummaging through a local used bookstore and I ran across a copy of WC4 for the Mac (PowerPC version), the box has a somewhat bowed-in center like something relatively heavy was set on top of it, but...
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    Initial release

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    Exact size of craft

    Hmm... could someone with good size knowledge sling the exact measurements of various parts of a Dragon fighter this way please? Ditto for Devestator and Excalibur if you dont mind so much.
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    Kilrah run survivors

    Does it ever mention how Maniac and Vagabond made it back from being shredded in the outskirts of the Kilrah system, and if Flint survived as well?
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    Babylon 5 freeware game release

    I know there's more than one other Babylon 5 fan here, and im pretty sure that at least one of you is jonesing for a gaming fix. Along those lines, check out Totally free, downloads are slightly overloaded still but BitTorrent has definitely picked up steam. From the...
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    A Big Thank You

    A big thank you to Loaf, Psych, Filler, and all the other witty people at the board for making the last two days so amusing. Ive been sharing a couple choice threads with local friends and they are highly appreciated. Thanks to Joshua Harrington as well. Just not for the same thing...
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    Props and Worries

    First off... textures have improved a LOT. I especially like the red splattering on the wings of the Jalkehi - still stylized, but bloodlike enough to look really vicious. I did have a question or 2 about your Ralatha model though... in the screenshots section comparing textures and size...
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    XWing Alliance Mod Help needed...

    Trying to get the new Total Conversion working in Alliance, install is smooth, game runs normal campaign missions fine, but skirmish mode now freezes at about 40% load (can't use the new fighters). Any ideas?