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  1. zarnivop

    Is there any ACTIVE PGG forum?

    New Detroit com link, as well as this forum, seem to be... mostly dead.
  2. zarnivop

    How to: cheating/casualing shields, armor speed - save file edit

    1. Use either MS Excel of Libre Office Calc to open \Privateer\.privgold100\serialized_xml\[save name]\centurion.begin.csv 2. For better speed and other engine related stuff tweak: Reactor_Recharge [?] Primary_Capacitor [?] Afterburner_Usage_Cost [how much afterburner will drain your...
  3. zarnivop

    Missing: Replacing launchers, Tractor beam on rear turret, going through the missions listing

    I miss some options that existed in the original game: I can not replace the torpedo launchers/missile launchers. I get error message "launchers cannot be sold" wtf?Is there a savegame edit workaround? On a related not - when having 2 launchers full, only one will shoot in-flight. I used to...