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    Breaking: New Chris Roberts Game Announced! (October 10, 2012)

    Where can I find the whole RSI presentation as a video? I missed some parts of it and the RSI site just has a short video.
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    Any news on the rerelease of WC1?

    Recently I've been trying WC1 with DOSBox 0.74 and the above settings. I have an Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 processor but still when there are many fighters I get slowdowns. When there is only one fighter the game runs a bit too fast. Is there an option in DOSBox to have one single cycle...
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    DOSBox 0.70 - Privateer 1 - joya.dat for joystick

    Great. I thank you for your instant help. The second file did solve the problems with the cursors. Music plays now at normal speed and the game is much more fluent. These settings work best. joysticktype=2axis timed=false (In this case important to set to false, otherwise cursor...
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    DOSBox 0.70 - Privateer 1 - joya.dat for joystick

    Thank you for the quick reply and the file. Now the cursor moves instantly to the bottom right corner. There must be another solution to this problem.
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    DOSBox 0.70 - Privateer 1 - joya.dat for joystick

    Hello, I downloaded the new DOSBox version 0.70 and tried Privateer 1. To my surprise the game runs very fluently and the auto-core and auto-cycle feature works great. Nevertheless I have found one problem. The music slows down because of missing joystick. I enabled joysticktype=2axis...