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    Missing Towns & Mines.

    Heads up Troops, When I entered Oxford last night on my way to "Shangri-La" to flog off some rubbish, I found "Shangri-La" was missing! Now I realize the writers of this wonderfull game are busy little buggers, but, hey guys I missed out on getting paid for this mission!. and I`m now short...
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    Upgrade Scanners

    Next Question Troops, while I`m on a roll, ;-} Every time I try too update my Scanners I`m told there is not enough room on the Ship, {dinghy} ;-} What do I have too do to make room, The Gear I have aboard I concider needed by me! Regards, Privateer.
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    Where do I "Quit" from??

    Good Morning Troops, I played "Privateer" for many years and always enjoyed myself, I was most surprised and overjoyed to trip over this remake of a great Game!. ThankYou! Now, my only problem for the moment is how do I quit the Game to go to bed??. I`ve tried "Alt X", no go, I tried "Q"...