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    Is there any ACTIVE PGG forum?

    a) They have a 1st post moderation policy, but neglect to actually do that, effectively blocking entrance to new members. b) the topics listing hasn't changed for quite awhile, not what I'll call alive and kicking.
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    Is there any ACTIVE PGG forum?

    New Detroit com link, as well as this forum, seem to be... mostly dead.
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    itts always centered

    Cheers, mate. It helped me, too.
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    How to: cheating/casualing shields, armor speed - save file edit

    1. Use either MS Excel of Libre Office Calc to open \Privateer\.privgold100\serialized_xml\[save name]\centurion.begin.csv 2. For better speed and other engine related stuff tweak: Reactor_Recharge [?] Primary_Capacitor [?] Afterburner_Usage_Cost [how much afterburner will drain your...
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    Missing: Replacing launchers, Tractor beam on rear turret, going through the missions listing

    I miss some options that existed in the original game: I can not replace the torpedo launchers/missile launchers. I get error message "launchers cannot be sold" wtf?Is there a savegame edit workaround? On a related not - when having 2 launchers full, only one will shoot in-flight. I used to...