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    Most memorable wc moment

    Hmmm... Probably Wing Commander 1 intro on Amiga - that is to say with awesome (at the time) sounds and the briefings & launching scenes from the same game.. The musics, the atmosphere, well.. the whole deal. For me the newer Wing Commanders never made the same impression.
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    Playing with WCSaga

    Yeah, those missiles are way too big. Smaller missiles would probably fit better. Main point with those was to make the existing ordnance visible.. That is if you shoot a missile you can then see it missing from the fighter afterwards.
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    Playing with WCSaga

    Well... I have always liked WC1 and WC2 a lot more than WC3.. And ships from that 'era' did seem to have external missiles.. well according the weapons display anyway.. Or then just odd single missile sized launch tubes.
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    Playing with WCSaga

    Started fooling around with WCS... Fully armed Longbow with pair of escorting Hellcats flying to even the odds in game screenshot, using slightly modified data files So... externally mounted missiles & torps and WC3 era ships? And couple of sort of related clips... Hellcat against...
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    Six from Saga (February 8, 2007)

    If you want to do something about that... go to directory where Saga is installed and start the 'Launcher.exe'. Click on Features tab and write '-ambient_factor 140' to the custom flags line and try the game again after that.