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    I've Created a WC4 HD Video Pack

    I've been lurking around for years, but I just had to sign because this stuff just gets better and better with each subsequent release. These movie packs are simply awesometacular and it is so impactful seeing the games that influenced my childhood shining in new splendor. :) I actually pinged...
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    Wing Commander Saga Plus Pack development started

    That's just wrong. The code was made available once it was finished. As in "finished". Also keep in mind that we submitted various features to FSO over the years, it is just that at one point our paths diverged, see explanation below. That's not exactly true - back in 2010/early 2011 Saga was...
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    another saga campaign

    Actually I still have the assets including mission files stored on my HDD. The WC 4 campaign was ~80% done when we pulled the plug back in 2004 and switched all of our efforts to the WC3 timeline laying the foundation for the Prologue and essentially the Darkest Dawn campaigns.
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    Between Mission Texts

    There you go! Prologue fiction Hermes fiction (including two bonus chapters)
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    We need your help - "Indie of the Year" Award

    Attention, wingnuts! There may have been no updates the past few months, but that doesn't mean that there's nothing going on. A few days ago, Wing Commander Saga has been nominated for the 3rd annual Indie of the Year award, a celebration of the best independent games released in 2012. We have...
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    Q's anger management thread (chock-full of spoilers!)

    I've learned a long time ago that you can't please everybody, so at this point I am not even trying. That is the only thing implied by my comment. Aside from that we clearly have different perceptions as to what makes for good game design. I finished neither Unknown Enemy nor Standoff but you...
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    Q's anger management thread (chock-full of spoilers!)

    Whenever you like the mission design or hate it - I am fine with that because you can't please everybody.
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    Q's anger management thread (chock-full of spoilers!)

    I have a better one: transports carry weapons for the Kilrathi forces in this system. You do not want to inflict serious damage on the installation you are trying to recapture, do you? :)
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    Q's anger management thread (chock-full of spoilers!)

    Not within the timeframe or the manpower available. It can be done if you have a large team standing by and willing to put in ridiculous amount of hours as you make that final push towards the gold master. That is not how games should be made, but it happens, especially if you overpromise...
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    Q's anger management thread (chock-full of spoilers!)

    I am not going to go into details about our production production pipeline or QA process - implying that you can rewrite big chunks of story, check it for consistency, record VO, do post processing, implement voice lines and fix timing, run QA on at least two builds prior to the master build...
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    WC Saga Promotion in Australia

    To be clear - there have been several inquiries regarding putting Saga on a cover DVD (not from PC Power Play though). Our answer has always been that EA has been very generous in allowing WCS and other Wing Commander fan projects, like Standoff or Privateer: Gemini Gold, to be released, but the...
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    They forget the guns (tech issue)

    There you go. I believe campaign progress is saved in the .cs2 files, so renaming one of those to match your profile might do the trick. Make sure you backup your current profile first though.
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    They forget the guns (tech issue)

    If this is still an issue, I could provide a save game prior to this mission. Thus far we had approx. 5 (give or take) cases in which excalibur had no primary weapons meaning that it is almost impossible to reproduce (and fix) this issue.
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    Q's anger management thread (chock-full of spoilers!)

    Actually he knew exactly what he was doing. As it usually is, we had a couple of sessions before voice recording kicked in.