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    WC Modeler Creates 'Ghost of Kyiv' Tribute (February 26, 2022)

    He's been confirmed as real. Godspeed, Ghost, and good hunting! GLORY TO UKRAINE!!
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    Challenge coins

    A challenge coin must have the rank of the commander issuing it. That's the challenge part: If you throw down a CC in a bar, everyone has to produce a coin. If they can't, they buy the round. If everyone has a coin, then the lowest rank shown buys. I'd replace the "vega campaign" with the rank...
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    On June 18th, a new short Fan Film is coming

    So, it'll be out at 3 Pm Eastern, 2 Pm Central? Zulu time is GMT time, not local. 182000LJUN2018 is the proper DTG for a local release. 182000ZJUN2018 denotes GMT and is used for synchronizing global operations.
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    It's the End of the World as We Know It! (April 22, 2017)

    "A pythagorean victory" Was it an acute victory or an obtuse one? Or did you mean a Pyrrhic Victory?
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    Bearcat redone again....

    Between the shape and the colors, it reminds me of a tin spaceship toy I had growing up.
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    First Wing Commander game, Naval and Army ranks....

    You mean, like the US Marine Corps? Subordinate to the Navy, own rank structure, flies aircraft, goes to the same Academy, and even flies off of carriers- every Carrier Air Wing has a Marine Squadron attached. There's precedent in history for separate force in Wing Commander.
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    What if the "WC: Standoff" best ending happened?

    That would definitely sound like a connection; the Lexington fights it's way through a back channel jumppath, destroying the one carrier that could stop it, then unloads Angel's SO team to build the asteroid bases. WCII shows that a shutdown carrier can hide in an asteroid belt, at least for a...
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    What if the "WC: Standoff" best ending happened?

    Regarding the Lexington; who is to say that it destroyed Kilrah? Blair needed some 'pitstop' depots to land at on his flight in. Someone had to haul all those materials in and build them- why not the Lexington? It's success would be after clearing the enemy carrier, and allowing it to complete...
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    What's Bradshaw's call sign?

    They aren't using "Casey" as a callsign, just as his name. Soldiers often just call those of the same rank or lower by their last name, since that is the only name displayed on the uniform. (it isn't unusal to not know the first names of the Soldiers that you serve with)
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    Crusader Movie Coming Soon (April 1, 2007)

    Beware any thread started on the 1st of April..... Good prank.
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    New Mars Programmer

    Congratulations, that is quite an achievement.
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    F22 and the International Date Line

    Yeah, but keep in mind they still were over the ocean, and that kind of older nav gear (compass) isn't the best for getting back, and won't work unless the pilots were tracking (accurately) their progess on their paper map. We lost pilots in WWII that got lost, and couldn't find the carriers...
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    Les Chevaliers du Ciel (Knights of the Sky)

    I found it odd. I didn't know he flew so many other types until I researched it. Also didn't know that the triplane was a late design. But you learn something new all the time. Jasta 11 had red markings, but even Von Richthofen didn't always fly an all red fighter. They were known as the...
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    Les Chevaliers du Ciel (Knights of the Sky)

    No, Manfred von Richthofen, AKA the Red Baron, was the commander of an entire squadron that bore red markings (Jasta 11). Also many other german pilots flew Fokker Dr. 1 triplanes. Oddly enough, he scored over 52 of his 80 kills in other types of aircraft.
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    Les Chevaliers du Ciel (Knights of the Sky)

    Something that doesn't look like a tube with triangles stuck to it. (and doesn't have a french tricolor slapped on)