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    Do you have any grey poupon?

    Totally! I don't know if I read it or if there was a rumour about it on the schoolyard, but I too tried to get this Stiletto. I thought it might be available later in the Perry base after you finished the plot, or on some base hidden close to the Kilrathi sectors. I figured the appeasement...
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    Do you have any grey poupon?

    That does make sense. Now that you say it it's clear, I just didn't get it back then. And this has been literally burned into my brain because I thought it to be so odd, that it never ocurred to me to relate it to what Burrows said before. I always wondered if taunting actually made any...
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    Do you have any grey poupon?

    So I have to admit: I have always wondered what "Do you have any grey poupon?" meant in Privateer. When I played the game Google didn't exist yet and I tried to look it up in a dictionary - of course to no avail. I convinced myself that it must be some sort of tea, like earl grey. I wasn't too...
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    Wing Commander Saga Plus Pack development started

    This is so cool.. I can't wait!
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    Privateer Day: 3D, No Glasses Needed (June 3, 2011)

    I also have troubles opening this. Someone must have found a way, but I'm not sure. Thing is, it's apparently the "Lumena CEL bitmap image format". Here is a program that claims to be able to convert that format: Trying it right now :)
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    New 3D Thread

    Sad to hear you stopped working on Wing Commander... I was in hope you could redo some of the Privateer models :( Are the downloads still available somewhere? Dropbox doesn't seem to work...
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    New 3D Thread

    I wonder.. why is the Excalibur in the Kilrathi-Hangar? Is it a bug? The separation is great though. But putting them all so neatly in one place only emphasizes the lack of civilian ships .. ;)
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    New 3D Thread

    That site is great! Thanks for the link :)
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    Complete WC GOG fixes and tweaks

    Does anyone know how to get the mouse working in GOG Armada as steering input? For me it somehow doesn't work. Privateer works fine, for example.
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    New 3D Thread

    How do you make these??? They look all fantastic! I so hope that someone :cool: will redo all those Privateer and Armada ships for Star Citizen. Sitting in a Galaxy and having friends or even NPC man the turrets has been my wet dream since I bought one for the first time. Oh, and flying a...
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    FTL: Faster than light

    You need to watch some Youtube videos. I still don't understand how they reach those scores.
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    underrated game and overrated games

    Most underrated games - let me think. Venetica - it's a really great game, but mainly ignored. And hey, peoply cry these days for games with female lead characters. There you have one. Does anyone know it? Especially those who complain? Definitely underrated in regards to actual developments...
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    Star Citizen guild- oops, I mean squadron...

    Now the discussion is long over and WCCIC is just perfect. However, if you want to give a squadron a name - what about Wildcats? It's definitely no rip-off of any of the previous Wing Commander squadrons, yet strikingly familiar..
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    Star Citizen Matchmaker thread

    So matchmaking does work? I thought I read about issues.. I'm unfortunately not in to the Arena matches yet - my HOTAS broke when I moved and I didn't get to replace it yet.
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    Cassette Tape Question

    Well, I don't own a cassette player anymore. But you can also look up companies that offer digitizing for you. I think they have professional equipment. One cassette did cost me €9 and the quality was good.