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    Is this project dead?

    Out of curiosity, if you don't mind, what language and IDE are you using? C++ and Visual Studio? C#? C and Notepad?
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    EPISODE 3 Discussion

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    Need a free RAR extractor

    download evaluation one on or from winrar's homepage
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    Another wallpaper (110K image)

    It may surprize you that I've heard THAT before :D
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    Another wallpaper (110K image)

    cool... and I didn't even have to turn the brightness up :)
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    The WC grape board

    That was a definate plus of WC:A. Wish other wing commanders had that. Books mention flak guns, but after WC2.. they replaced it all with lasers... and thats just not the same..
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    The Greatest Gun

    The LASER!!!!
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    WC Saga teaser trailers

    same issue. tried downloading from different locations, different ISPs..
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    Screenshots Release Thread

    looks rather identical to the confed (saga) carrier insides
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    Squadron Makeup

    well.. since it's wartime.. I'd say 10