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    this game, WC Saga, and the truth

    Delance: That someone would have to figure out how to make beam-cannons work. The Standoff-crew seem to have found out about flak... What about hardware T&L? Missile-behaviour should be possible to tweak... There's just the matter of hyperspace-jumping back to the hangar. :p If the asteroids can...
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    this game, WC Saga, and the truth

    Lt. Death100: Hm, well, unless you develop some peculiar medical condition, I'd be utterly astonished if anyone 'grow old and die' before the release. I guess I'm just more optimistic than you. Ha! LOAF: There is criticism, and then there's senseless bashing. I admit I haven't looked through...
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    this game, WC Saga, and the truth

    Uh, why haven't you guys closed this topic already? I can't see how any good can come out of it anymore. I motion for a close so things can return to decency before the WCS-crew make a release.
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    Front Lines

    Now I remembered some other spelling things you'll want to look out for: Past/passed Capital first letter in fighter-names Then/than *Resumes excited reading*
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    Front Lines

    FINALLY got down to reading this (copied from this thread to a .doc/.sxw/whichever on another computer), and aside from your general 'ooh's and 'aah's, I have to remind you to watch out for common spelling/grammar errors. Like, there/their etc, its/it's, out/our (so close, yet so far away :) )...
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    2628 - An officers beginning

    Me, I'm looking forward to some more punctuation. :)
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    Freespace 3?

    milo: Now THAT's a depressing read... KrisV: (About insinuated lack of manners on HLP.) If you mean the harsh language, know that there's a lot of passion on that forum. Many have contributed to the SCP, many have crafted interface-art, MANY have made mods and missions (which was the basis...
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    Fan mission help

    Prophecy already has the simulator. Try following the SO-instructions except downloading a sim-patch.
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    WCII scene identification question

    My memory might be playing tricks, but I seem to recall it even LOOKED like a Kamekh... W3rd. *Nod*
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    WC4 Disk 6

    I can help. I have the EA Classics-version, though I doubt there's any difference other than packaging.
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    ... :eek: Good god, no...
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    P2 sound problems

    State your soundcard at least, or only those of us who've experienced this problem and solved it knows where to start. And I'm clueless. If you're playing in DOS and want to try something first, though, try reducing available RAM to 16 Mb or so. Yer EMM386-line in, wossname, config.sys?
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    SM1 (WC1 add-on) armageddon...

    Hm... Oh well, it seems I managed to make the world safe somehow without help. *Shrug* Go me. If the Crew feels an urge to delete this thread, no-one will die or have a heart-attack.
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    SM1 (WC1 add-on) armageddon...

    I can't really swear which mission it is, but it's very soon after switching wingmen from Iceman to Knight (likely the first mission with Knight). You launch from Tiger's Claw to whack a strike-force, only to find a veritable horde of Grathas upon return. Needless to say, I need some help. Pick...
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    Fahrenheit 9/11

    My contribution: Could all of you just judge both people by the same standard? Thank you very much. (In the early pages of this thread, someone berated Moore for including half-truths and bending the truth, then stuck up for Bush. Need I remind you that Bush and his lies/misgivings have caused...