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    strange things happening

    Squealer in that mission its supposed to automatically have nav 2 selected to go back to i dont know whats goin on cuz ive never had that problem maybe trying to reload the mission will fix it
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    A question RE: the Ralatha/Snakeir raid:

    backoff hey i only used that cheat when i absolutely had to clear out the turrets quick so the bombers could do their job otherwise i used the guns and missles i had at my disposal
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    A question RE: the Ralatha/Snakeir raid:

    the cheat commmands ok guys the cheats for this game are the same for Secret Ops type this durring flight shoehorn=enables cheats goodtarget=turret style targeting for ur main HUD display moretunes=enables to change songs at will(page up and down keys changes the track;home and end...
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    RELEASE: Relive the Glory Days with New Autopilot Feature

    yo mustanger thats a SWEET idea i was never able to play 3 or 4 of wing commander cuz i was never able to buy them and i would so luv to see a remake of those the same missions with the new tech that would soooo sweet!!!
  5. L down?

    Colonel Tolwyn sir, i thank u for ur quick notification of whats goin on with the site and i hope the problem is fixed quickly there r ALOT of wingcommander fans out there waiting for the final release of Saga speaking of which do u happen to have a possible prediction on the official release...
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    Random Q's from an annoying Newb

    (Please don't use this thread to advertise, Lance Casey. Also, you may want to re-read the rules, particularly Rule 4. - Death)
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    WC4 Mod For Homeworld 2 In The Works (June 5, 2006)

    oh and neronian the wingcommander CIC website has an active download link this news article has a link on it for the file
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    WC4 Mod For Homeworld 2 In The Works (June 5, 2006)

    hello i repeat my request for help the mod will not kick in game will but not the mod requesting immeadiate HELP!!!!!!!!!!! oh and btw does this mod have a set of minimum req. cuz if so knowing those may solve my tangled mind anyway nothing i tried worked I even tried using the overridebig...
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    ATTENTION: Episode 3 patch released!

    guys look the Armada Arrow fighter was designed as a CHEAP long-range scout because its operating DDDEEEPPP behind enemy lines and u didnt exactly had a good supply line to the carrier for refit and repair of the heavier WC3 Arrow so hence the lighter weapons slower turning ability and weaker...
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    What's Bradshaw's call sign?

    maybe but as i said before all known intel shows that Frosty is the name and besides it fits the sound and the name of his father Michel "Iceman" Casey Iceman and Frosty kinda coinside with eachother dont ya think?
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    Just wanted to check in...

    hey guys i just hope the next ep. gets done soon the wait is KILLLING ME!!!! it wouldnt hurt to update the fans with a news report even a short one just something to show progress the only other thing i have to say is this "Gentlemen good luck and godspeed"
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    What's Bradshaw's call sign?

    maybe but ull find that other sources that r out there agree with the name everyone here as seemed to find at least a rumor or something that all says the same thing Lance's Callsign is "Frosty" so im not gonna argue with the intel besides it rolls of the tongue nicely
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    What's Bradshaw's call sign?

    guys forget contacting me to tell me the story i found it if u wanna take a look heres the site trust me ull like it ALOT
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    What's Bradshaw's call sign?

    hey guys im pretty sure Bradshaw doent have a callsign but i DO know Lance DOES and it is "Frosty" i know this from a story that was online a while back wish i could find it again it was story combining Wing Commander and Star Wars together the timeline was shortly before Prophecy i know...
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    WC4 Mod For Homeworld 2 In The Works (June 5, 2006)

    oh and if u have any ideas call me by email