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    3D Printed Starfighters

    Thank you thank you! I will be using these for the boardgame
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    Some Privateer Ships in 3D - boardgame scale

    Almost there, at the moment, 2 ships can be done, but due to Shapeways ordering system, I recommend that people wait until we have all of the models I have completed. Shapeways has tolerances on materials that they "inform" you of in the form of a convoluted chart system that a monkey like me...
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    Some Privateer Ships in 3D - boardgame scale

    Beginning the reworking of the 3D Models, boy little stuff is tough! Also some familiar faces are making an appearance in the game :)
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    Rapier Variant Further Expands 3D Armada (June 25, 2013)

    This is a beautiful ship.
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    Privateer Boardgame Testing on Vassal

    Working on artwork for the manual. Thought some people here might like it: There are some more pieces underway, and as I get them done, I've been putting them up in the downloads section.
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    Amazon Adds 3D Printer Section (June 20, 2013)

    Been giving some serious thought to this:
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    New 3D Thread

    I don't know if I've posted in here yet or not, but your work is stunning. I love all of it, especially the Salthi
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    Some Privateer Ships in 3D - boardgame scale

    Heads up, we're still working out thicknesses and what can be printed in what materials, so don't order any of these just yet!
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    Privateer Boardgame Testing on Vassal

    Quick update, I found a collection of screenshots that has allowed me to make all of the pilots - characters from the game. So all of the faces will be familiar in the next update:) Moving away from borrowed art is a priority for me, to make this firmly Privateer, or original artwork.
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    Some Privateer Ships in 3D - boardgame scale

    Hey Guys, I've only just ordered some prototypes of different materials for a couple of these to be sure what materials are best, so as I get a better idea of materials, I'll put recommendations in for these. The ship sizes are scaled to between 3/4" and 1 1/4" to make them suitable for...
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    And another year passes . . .

    That is an interesting observation Chris, there does appear to be parts of the ceiling that light is passing through unimpeded. As a suggestion, you need to increase the contrast ratio between the background and the ship. To do this, you need to dim your lightsources in the background some...
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    Privateer Boardgame Testing on Vassal

    I'm sorry I don't know what you've said, but I can guess the link wasn't working. Ive changed the file location and link, so it should be working now :)
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    Privateer Boardgame Testing on Vassal

    The Module is now up, along with rules, a link to the vassal engine and a couple of tutorial videos. I will be working on some more tutorials on DUP movement and combat in the near future. I wanted to give WCnews the first look at it, so I put it up early, and will let other places know...
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    1/72 Arrow

    I can see some surface textures under the blue and behind the cockpit, is that where you're seeing imperfections? This looks like a fun project, I'm sure it will look awesome when you're done.
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    Privateer Boardgame Testing on Vassal

    Scheduled Date for open downloads: Friday June 12, 2013 Scheduled ballpark for Print and Play: August 2013 There are just a couple of adjustments to the vassal module and it will be up for download on Friday. For those wondering, Why Vassal? Here...