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    Why not

    wow! This is pretty cool!
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    Civi voices in Ep 5

    maybe they were drinking before going out there? I know I woulda have been. I dont think they really expected to survive.
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    About that Super soaker collection

    that would be funny! super soaker drive by, almost as funny as the skittles drive by!
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    About that Super soaker collection

    Impressive! where do you keep all of em? Dont tell me ya got a supersoaker gun rack in your car =D
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    About that Super soaker collection

    All this time I thought you were kidding! Keep on collecting man! Nothing wrong with it. how long have you been at it?
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    outpost Stations bases

    its looking good there!
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    The WCM Broadsword

    sure does look that way to me!
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    WC:CD Support Craft

    kinda looks like a firefly... Looks good though!
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    Morningstar Escorts.

    I may be wrong but doesnt the broadsword have the ability to track jumps as well?
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    Space Stations

    what if you spent your whole life on a station? not having a sky wouldnt be an issue.
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    Explosive New Poll Asks About Torpedoes (July 18, 2009)

    the wait to get a lock, the music, the rush to get in and make the connection... Wc2 baby! besides.... Ive got a thing for the broadsword... and the sabre. morningstar.. crossbow...
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    Is there a Kilrathi hell?

    petco? where pets go? Sorry couldnt stop myself. That is an interesting question . In privateer they talk about "gaining another slave for the afterworld" when they get kills.
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    MechWarrior is back!

    wait? they made a second robot jox?
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    Richard Garriot officiates first space wedding

    yeah seriously