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    trying to play this mod one more time

    Eh, it's a computer game. Drop the difficulty down if you're finding it more effort than you're really interested in putting in. I got through it on Nightmare, it can't be that hard. But my recollection of playing on Hero is that wingmen don't generally last much if any longer than they do on...
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    trying to play this mod one more time

    If you're playing on Nightmare (this is about to become difficult - Nightmare is about as hard as Hero in Ep1, Ep2 is just easy all around, and then Ep3 onwards Nightmare is much harder than Hero) then you basically never lose enough fighters that you're ever in danger of running out. You...
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    trying to play this mod one more time

    Storming the Rock is the first serious difficulty spike in the game, and it's definitely something of a skill check. (It gets worse, though not for a while.) I did it with five fighters in my Let's Play of Standoff () so it's definitely possible. Some things I'd say: try playing on Hero...
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    hardest mission and a mission that was easier than you expected

    WC4, Nightmare difficulty, Tyr-1. Unless you reset your Nav computer and avoid the Banshees, this is easily the hardest piloting challenge I've seen in a WC game. The Banshees are too fast to hit with missiles (you can be right behind them with a lock and you will still miss), and too small to...
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    Newb question

    It's not like he'd have had time to pack it, with the way he ends up on the Concordia...
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    Happy Birthday to us!

    Belated Happy Birthday, CIC. As a rather late present, I finally got around to getting my Wing Commander: Standoff and Wing Commander III Let's Plays archived (to be fair, I submitted them before the birthday, but baldurk uploads at a rate of one per day, and there's a queue). They're here...
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    Is it just me, or is WC1 really freakin' hard?!?!?!

    It's you. WC1 is probably harder than WC3 (on the default setting of Ace), but it's definitely easier than WC4. I'm guessing you might be running the game using too many DosBox cycles (5-6000 is about normal), but yes, as capi3101 says, the other big thing is that 1/2 really benefit from having...
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    Increased Bullet Speed?

    It clearly isn't, because if it was I wouldn't play the game exclusively on that difficulty.
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    Increased Bullet Speed?

    I'd say you weren't close enough to your target then (Anybody who has watched my Standoff videos will know I tend to fly with my fighter's nose practically touching my target's engines). Standoff is particularly difficult amongst space shooters, yes, and this is the way it was intended to be...
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    Relive Wing Commander Saga In Six EPIC Screenshots (April 1, 2014)

    Eh, it sort of plays like WC3, but not quite. Saga Medium plays reasonably like WC3 Nightmare, in that it's essentially impossible to tail anything lighter than a Vaktoth and pretty difficult to hit anything other than a Paktahn, which is probably not the line-up of difficulties you were aiming...
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    Increased Bullet Speed?

    I kind of wonder whether you are even playing the same game as me. The only times it's difficult to hit your target in Standoff are when you're flying a Crossbow, and it was pretty difficult to hit your target when you were flying a Crossbow in Special Operations as well. Difficulty in Standoff...
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    Q's anger management thread (chock-full of spoilers!)

    I have occasionally argued tongue-in-cheek that "Christopher Blair" is actually an artificial intelligence which operates drones and has merely been programmed to think it is part of a wing of human pilots. *raises hand* Though only for a Let's Play, and it's still about the only WC3 mission...
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    WC3 "Missing" Scene with no sound

    So, as I'm sure most people who'll read this are aware, there's an additional cutscene on the fourth CD of Wing Commander III that doesn't play in the game, where Blair addresses what's left of Lancelot Flight before the final approach to Kilrah. If you're using HCl's movie player it's movie 32...
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    Pilgrim story-line or not?

    Right, the period you're talking about is during the Pilgrim War. You literally cannot write a story in which the Pilgrim Alliance exists, because the period you are talking about is occupied by the Pilgrim Wars, which happened between 2631 and 2634 (theoretically, the Peron Massacre happened...
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    Pilgrim story-line or not?

    It is, at this point, more or less impossible to write a Wing Commander storyline without contradicting some part of the canon unless you are extremely careful with what you reference. For example, if you mention the Pilgrim War, you'll contradict Action Stations, which predates the movie and...